5 Essential 3DR Solo Drone Accessories To Make Recording Easier

So you’re telling me that you’re buying yourself a drone and 3dr solo drone accessories. And you don’t know where to start. That’s pretty cool! Drone opens up a whole new and dynamic world of photography and video options that you didn’t have before. But buying a 3dr drone isn’t enough if you don’t have 3dr solo drone accessories. These accessories aren’t so fancy but essential to compliment the facility of your drone. 

At present time drones are highly used in weddings, events, parties to capture special moments from above the sky. It gives great effects on the overall video of any events captured by drone. All in all, now, without drone capturing moments is like you’re missing out on something. So when you get a drone for yourself, you need some accessories to keep it in good condition for a long time. 

I have spent a pretty good amount of time searching about what 3dr solo drone accessories one should have. Let me tell you when you buy any of these, and you’re not wasting or spending money but investing in it. 

5 Must-Have 3DR Solo Drone Accessories


Spare Battery

Having spare batteries will not harm anyone. It is the first thing to buy for 3dr solo drone accessories after the drone. Drone flight times are measured by minutes, and they don’t last for half a time. So having spare batteries will be there for your rescue every time. 

Carrying Case

Having a protective carrying case for 3dr solo drone accessories will protect your drone from external and internal damage. The Mavic Pro and Mavic Air are two options you can consider. You would want one of them in your bag for traveling and hiking to protect your drone. 

High Capacity Memory Card

Most drones come with a memory card at the time when you buy. However, the capacity is only around 8GB-16GB, which is not enough. You should invest in a large memory card so that you never run out of space in the middle of any shoot. Get an additional memory card of around 32GB to 64GB.

Neutral Density Filters

First of all, let me explain what neutral density filters are that you need for 3dr solo drone accessories. So the neutral density filters are used to cut the amount of extra light coming into the camera while recording and let you set the shutter slow. It is essential to have a truly cinematic video of the ideal world. 

Spare Propellers

Even when you buy a basic model drone, it comes with a spare propeller. This shows that propellers are part of drones which are more likely to get damaged. Whenever drones get crashed either into walls, trees, or hit a bird or any other flying object, whatever. The propellers are likely to get damaged first. So keeping that in mind, I suggest you have at maximum at least three propellers at a time. 


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With these five essential 3dr solo drone accessories, you will be able to maintain the good quality of your drone. Instead of buying expensive accessories, I suggest you invest in these essential 3dr solo drone accessories. You will thank me later for this.

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