5 Essential Drone Cinematography Techniques

drone shot types

Drone photography has become quite popular to take drone shot types that have incredible pictures. If you want to improve your photography level, you must consider using drone shot types. It will be quite incredible when you try to learn about different types of things that will help you to improve your cinematography techniques. Such things will help create a better picture to ensure that you get a much better outcome.

Aerial Pan Shot

A close up of a fence

Pan shots are generally captured while the camera is placed on a tripod. In the case of drone shot types, the tripod is substituted by the gimbal, along with the flying drone, away from a specific position.

It’s quite a bit more complicated instead of a simple pan, but the visual effect you can achieve is that much better. Many artists prefer to stay in ‘hover mode’ while panning to maintain the shot’s stability.

Tracking Drone Shot Types

A large city

It is generally used while moving parallel with the focus, & tracking shots are placed in sync. This technique’s whole essence corresponds to the speed & maintaining focus on your subject at the needed composition point.

You can easily see these types of shots in motion pictures all the time and at sports events & in car commercials. The trick here is to coordinate & rehearse as many times as needed.

Pedestal Drone Shot Types

The Pedestal is drone shot types in the drone flying up or down without moving the camera/gimbal at all, and it’s strictly relying on flying. This technique of camera movement can also be achieved through a crane or jib arm.

The range can get through drones for how far up or down, one can go tremendous & gives way more freedom. Pedestal shots are generally to show monuments, statues, & even views above the clouds.

Reveal Shot

A reveal shot is what the name suggests. It is a technique to reveal the point of interest or what you want the audience to focus on. It’s probably my favorite aerial technique to create a significant “WOW” effect & show a specific time of the day & serve as an intro & outro for a specific scene.

Fly Over

You can see the flyover drone shot types everywhere, from commercials to music videos to TV shows. An easy way to go about filming an excellent flyover shot is to choose one object or specific landscape.

You can focus the whole camera movement around that one subject while the drone is continuously flying & covering the distance until it passes the object from above.

Fly-over shots are used for various purposes, but you can mainly think of it as a type of shot that helps you place the subject in a geographical perspective & show its scale.


These are some of the drone shot types that you can consider trying out. It will surely help you to see a significant improvement in the way you click pictures. So you must try to look for different drone shot types by which you can improve your photography level and click pictures like a professional photographer.

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