5 Surprising Drone Uses – How To Use Your Drone In The Right Way

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Drones otherwise known as unmanned aerial vehicles are making great strides in the field of defense and science. Here is a look at the different and popular usages of drone technology or UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle). Drones or UAV is a concept that came into existence back in 1849. Austria used unmanned balloons to attack the city of Venice. That was when the concept of drones as a technology originated. 

Aerial Target

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Later it was extensively used in World War 1 in 1916 that was named Aerial Target. Although people never got to see this drone in action, it was still the first step in this field. Following this, many UAVs were created like Larynx, Queen, DH.82B Queen Bee and many others. This is when people started using drones as a weapon. During world war 3, drones were extensively used for training (teaching soldiers how to take them out) and at the same time to attack the enemy. This was technically the birth of drone technology.

Mapping and GIS

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Today, drones are extensively used for mapping and surveying especially in the defense sector. They help to map out an unoccupied area give details about the lay of the land. Drones help you to collect important data in less amount of time.  For example, if the defense team wants to serve an uncharted area, then they initially send in drones over that area. 


Drones take pictures of the area, do a complete analysis of the structure of the land and give important details of the uncharted area. In this way, the team knows beforehand what they will encounter and hence give them a chance to prepare for it. 


Drones can be used for home security as well as commercial security.  Drones can help us with things like traffic surveillance, anti-terror operations, theft prevention, forest fire prevention, search and rescue operations just to name a few. Drones for home security are an amazing and innovative creation. They use superior technology to monitor the movements in the house and also detect unusual activities.  

Search and Rescue

It is being increasingly used in search and rescue missions. Usually, when people get lost in dense and difficult terrain, like deserts or forests, it is difficult to find them. In order to find the faster, the rescue team sends in drones. The drones find the people and pinpoint the exact location of the people who are lost. The rescue team later directly goes to the location to rescue the people. If drones never existed, then it would be highly difficult to find the people as it is difficult to cover such a large distance in a short span of time.


Drones are helping to push the boundaries of science and experiment with new technologies. Drones can have varying sizes, ranging from the size of an airplane to a small insect. Depending on its use, the size of the drone varies. Drones have helped us with many things like volcano surveying, coastal area surveying, and many others. 

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