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A Beginner’s Guide To A Quadrocopter

A Beginner’s Guide To A Quadrocopter

A quadrocopter is a name used to define an aircraft with four propellers arranged in a cross type formation. They earn their rich popularity due to their ability to hover in one place, make vertical take offs and landings, and fly in all directions be it forwards, backwards or sideways. The four propellers used in the setup are arranged such that the propellers in front right and back left are the ones which rotate counter clockwise when looked from above. Simultaneously, the next two propellers are observed to have a clockwise rotation.

A Beginner’s Guide To A Quadrocopter
A Beginner’s Guide To A Quadrocopter

The ones which had a clockwise rotation are the ones mainly assigned with moving and steering the course of the quadrocopter. On the other hand, the rotors which have a counter clockwise rotation have the primary task of providing enough thrust to ensure that your aircraft is able provide enough lift to cancel out the pull of gravity. All motion displayed by a quadrocopter is through slowing down and speeding up the rotors.

What Are The Steps You Must Keep In Mind While Flying Your Quadrocopter?

When you are manning a remote controlled aviation device, you need to keep in mind a few things to ensure the safety of other aircrafts which are already flying in the sky above you. Hence there i a lists of things you need to keep in mind when you are flying your remote controlled aircraft. To begin with, you should always maintain an altitude of less than four hundred feet for your quadrocopter at all times. Secondly, you should make sure that you are keeping your quadrocopter within your line of sight throughout the duration of its flight.

Good Selection Of A Quadrocopter

When you are selecting a place to fly your quadrocopter, it is often a good idea to find a nearby local club so that you can fly your aircraft with likeminded people and have fun this way. Else you can always find some place to fly your quadrocopter alone. However, when you are looking for a place to fly your aircraft, it is essential to ensure that you are flying it somewhere where you are getting a fairly open environment so that you don’t end up having to deal with obstacles. Also, you should keep in mind to never fly your radio controlled quadrocopter near an airport or near any place where it can come in sight of a manned aircraft.


It is wise to take a lesson before flying your drone in open. However make sure not to fly your drone near other people and stadiums. It is always advisable to check your aircraft before letting it take flight. While it is okay to fly your quadrocopter for recreational purposes, you should make sure to avoid flying for payment or any kind of commercial purpose as it is illegal to do so without proper permits. While flying your aircraft we must make sure to be neither careless nor reckless, as being a danger to other humans or aircrafts can attract you hefty penalties.

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