A Comprehensive Guide To F420 RTK UAV With Intelligent Homing Beacon

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Many people already know what a drone is and you might even possess one yourself that you fly around with remote control for fun. Many people even use drones to take memorable photographs or record videos from a higher altitude. The point is, when most people hear the term “drone”, they immediately think about a flying toy that is seldom used to take photos.

But a proper drone can do much more than that.

Today, tactical drones or UAVs are used to maintain security, deliver emergency supplies, spy on a certain target, reach places we can’t possibly go, and it’s even used in unmanned warfare. And that’s something your average toy drone can’t hope to accomplish.

In this article, we’re going to review the new F420 RTK tactical drone/UAV to analyze its features and its possible tactical real-life applications.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in…

An Introduction of F420 RTK UAV

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Equipped with the revolutionary network RTK module, the new F420 tactical drone from the GCCteam can easily move with centimeter-scale precision that boosts its positioning accuracy. Powered with this accurate positioning capability and a strong anti-magnetic interference, it will provide you with accurate position data with an extremely slight margin of error while maintaining safe flight.

But that’s not all. It also comes with an intelligent homing beacon and vehicle homing beacon landing platform that ensures automatic take-off and landing which resolves numerous after-mission issues of UAVs with ease.

Let’s take a look at its features and analyze how F420 RTK UAV really works and what’s so special about it.

The Features Of F420 RTK Tactical Drone

In this section, we will talk about the features F420 RTK tactical UAV…

Interactive Projection

The remote controller of this tactical drone comes with an interactive projection feature that allows it to use any touchscreen monitor as an interactive remote controller for real-time monitoring with ease. Using this feature, the drone team can intuitively control the UAV in real time as well as its other features such as take off, intelligent companion flight, camera control, area mapping tasks, and even landing on a moving platform.

Tracking And Lock Mode

Thanks to its tracking mode, the F420 RTK tactical drone can fly maintaining a relative distance from its target on the ground at any time. In this mode, you can effortlessly adjust its relative altitude and horizontal position with the remorse controller.

It also has a lock mode that enables you to lock it onto a target so it can maintain a certain altitude and positioning automatically while following the target. Of course, you can also change the height and heading of the UAV any moment you want even in this mode.

Auto Dynamic Tracking And Landing Platform

This UAV’s dynamic tracking and landing platform employs the latest flight control navigation algorithm with RTK centimeter-level positioning so that the drone can perform automatic take off, intelligent following, and land precisely on the vehicle mounted landing platform.

F420 RTK tactical drone has a very light and sturdy body made of carbon fiber that makes it light enough to achieve a maximum flight time of 50 minute. Moreover, it comes with a forward facing avoidance module and downward facing distance sensor that helps it achieve precise and autonomous flight even if the wind blows at 50 kmph speed. And this makes it perfect for police and security inspection, tourism, traffic inspection, and other fields that require precise inspection.

Application Field Of F420 RTK UAV

In this section, we will discuss how this UAV can be used to complete complex tasks with ease benefiting police, law enforcement, marine, and more. Here we go…

Police And Security

Police officers may not be able to be everywhere to catch the criminals from doing crime before. But with the new F420 RTK UAV, now they can. Many country’s police departments including the UK, USA, China, Germany, and India decided to use UAV for surveillance and to catch criminals committing crime red-handed.

With this UAV, the law enforcement can witness and stop theft, robbery, illegal combat, drug trafficking, check activities in borders, practicing aerial surveillance, and more. This way, the police will have a higher chance to catch the criminals or stop any crime before it happens or at least go too far.

Traffic Safety

Due to its precise flight and positioning advantage, this tactical drone is perfect for aerial surveillance of traffic control to ensure the traffic control goes on smoothly. With this UAV, the traffic department can easily witness any overspeeding vehicle or a vehicle which has lost control from far away and quickly take required actions to minimize property damage and decrease the chances of traffic chaos or any unfortunate accidents.

Maritime Petrol

With the F420 RTK UAV’s intelligent homing beacon and its precise navigation and positioning system, the marine can easily checkout the maritime vessels with ease and even make the UAV land on it or on any other moving vessel on the water with absolute control and safety.

Thanks to its strong wind resistance and a top speed of 50 kmph, it can be used for maritime inspection, marine rescue operations, and in other marine-related fields.

In Conclusion

Whether its police inspection, marin, tourism, or scientific research, a precise tactical UAV can be an extra arm of support to accomplish the tasks with more accuracy. And with its intelligent home beacon, smart tracking mode, and other astonishing features, the new F420 RTK tactical drone is capable of handling all the complex tasks we have mentioned earlier.

With this, the police can possibly save an extra life, traffic department can prevent accidental casualties, and marine and tourism department can keep the people safe. And this makes investing in the F420 RTK UAV worth it. Get it today!

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