A Pretty Niche Mini Guide To Small UAVs

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Small UAVs or “micro-air vehicles” are mini, self-contained flying machines which can be flown indoors and/or outdoors. The first of its kind, the Amazon’s Dash, was recently purchased by DJI for $12 million. It is a toy that can be used to record and store videos and pictures from anywhere in the world. Small UAVs are ideal for consumer use, as they are smaller and cheaper than comparable traditional aerial units. There are several different types and sizes of small UAVs available on the market today, and this article will discuss the most popular ones.

Most Popular Type Of Small UAV

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The most popular type of small UAV is the one which flies like a small, lightweight remote control helicopter or airplane. These are often referred to as “hobbies,” because the user can enjoy them at any time they desire, as long as they have access to a power source. They can be flown indoors on cloudy days, or over water, or flown safely out of the rain. A remote control hobbyist can enjoy hours of fun practicing aerobatics, or spending time filming their little UAV as it flies through the sky. For the more daring hobbyists, battery powered versions can reach speeds of up to 150mph.

Electric Rc Plane

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Another type of small UAV is called the electric RC plane. Unlike the remote controlled versions, these can fly indoors. They have better weight balance, less flying time, and are much easier to handle. Most battery operated are around five minutes of flight time, and the models that have longer flight times can travel longer distances than their electric counterparts. Battery powered UAVs are also a great option for a beginner’s first experience with flying a UAV.

Another model that is gaining popularity fast is the Dobby. This tiny UAV has a small camera on its base, which can be attached to a PC. A wireless transmitter is used in conjunction with a PC to send the images to an outdoor receiver. To get a decent indoor flight time, an average of fifteen minutes per flight is recommended. A Dobby can easily be flown by a person with a learner’s permit. It is very affordable, and a fun first UAV to own.


A popular choice for indoor flying is the Roomba. Roomba is a high quality mobile robot that can roam autonomously around your home and garden. It is completely safe to store your UAV with the included rechargeable batteries in the refrigerator if you don’t plan to fly it frequently. Roomba will go where you are and come back again. It is definitely worth considering as a way to protect your gardens and reduce your gardening clutter.

The Phantom 4 is a full size UAV that is suitable for indoor and outdoor flying. Like the Roomba, the Phantom 4 can go where you are and come back again. Unfortunately, there are a few more drawbacks than the other two, but it’s still a fairly affordable option and easy to operate.

Final Words

If you are interested in buying a UAV, take the time to consider these four unique choices. They have all been developed for different purposes, and in different styles. All offer plenty of flexibility for any prospective UAV owner. And all of them are quite impressive when it comes to flight time, range, and battery life. Which one you choose depends ultimately on what you want to do with your UAV.

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