An Ultimate Guide To Various Drone Types Military

drone types military

Do you know which famous flying device can be small, large, and operated by military companies, kids, and even hobbyists? If your answer to the respective question is drones, congratulations, you are right. 

There are different types of drones available in the market which different people can use. But in this informative article, we are going to learn about military drones. 

So, now let us know in detail about the Drone types military. 

General Subclassification Of Drone Types Military 

Drone types military is usually classified based on speed, weight, range, and specific capabilities. Like drones in general, military drones come in various shapes and sizes, depending on their function.

Class 1

a drone

Class 1 classification of drone types military includes all the drones that can be used to perform functions like computerized command communication and information solutions automatic control. These are highly used drones in the military because they provide intelligence, surveillance, target, acquisition, and reconnaissance facilities. 

Class 1 drones include small micro as well as Mini drones. 

An excellent example of a class one drone is FULMAR. 

Class 2

a drone

The class 2 drones include tactical UAVs specially designed to be used by special forces at the organic battalion level. Class 2 military drones are a great asset for a nation for medium-range surveillance. 

Class 2 drones act as a bridge between the short-range microdrones and the strategic drones, consisting of HALE and MALE. These drones are able to achieve this quality due to the perfect combination of endurance, flexibility, and ruggedness in their design. Hence, they are the best middle way between small and strategic drones. 

Class 3 

Class 3 drone types military, also known as strategic drones, have a wide range of applications. It is the best class of drones that are used to determine the enemy’s position and the movement of certain people that are not a part of the conflict. As this class of drones has the best state-of-the-art infrastructure, they are used to compile the list of targets. 

Some of the examples of class 3 or strategic military drones are the global Hawk family, heron, etc. 

Classification Of Military Drones Based On Function

Drone types military is also based on the specific functions that they are meant to perform during military operations. So, the different types of drones based on functions are listed below. 

  • Target and decoy military drones. 
  • Combat military drones
  • Research and development military drones
  • Civil and commercial military drones
  • Reconnaissance military drones


All in all, these were some of the must-know drone types military which is used by the majority of the countries. But apart from these Drone types military, you can also classify military drones based on their autonomy and features. 

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