Best Drone Accessories to Buy

striker spy drone accessories

Like many of the best things in life, finding the right drone is not just about a search through the various sizes, capabilities, cameras and more, there is another factor that can make or break your experience, accessories. It can be the smallest thing that ruins your experience, like not having the right cable to connect your drone to your mobile device.


We know, you likely already have a camera on your drone, it was made that way, but, if not, we highly recommend giving a camera a try. Ideally, you’ll  get something that offers a live FPV experience, but sometimes all you want is just a camera in the sky. For the FPV experience, why not check out the DJI Digital FPV system, it’s a little pricey, but it’s a top notch system that is simple to implement. 


This is a super simple thing, most controllers come with a small eye-hook or anchor point for a neck strap. If not, you might consider a little DIY or attachment to make it possible. If you’ve flown at all, I don’t think I have to convince you that there are many situations where you need to put the controller somewhere safe. A lanyard lets the controller hang from your neck, safe and sound with your hands free for other tasks.


A plane flying in the air with a mountain in the background

 Where should I take off and where should I land my drone? Sometimes you are on the move, but when home base is stationary, a dedicated platform to launch from can be a great thing. For me, it’s mostly so that I don’t have to land in snow, mud or other uneven and dirty surfaces, not to mention it’s just fun.

Aside from the challenge of landing on a small target, a helipad is a great tool to keep your drone clean and safe. Ideally you’ll use a solid flat surface made of wood or plastic. Metal sounds good until you realize it interferes with the GPS calibration of your drone. Myself, I let fun overcome practical – you’ve seen it already, I use a BB-8 area rug as my helipad. It’s not a solid surface, which limits my usage, but it keeps my quadcopters clean and looks good.

FPV goggles – VR headset or AR glasses

There may be a limit to the places you can fly with an FPV headset attached to our face, but when possible, the experience is fantastic. For VR headsets, round here we are fans of the DJI Goggles for casual flight, but now there is the DJI Goggles Racing Edition for those that want to take on the Fat Shark and other experienced racing drone goggles vendors. In the 

Fluidity FT Aviator

The Fluidity FT Aviator is one of our favorite accessories for flying our drones. This is a joystick controller that offers one-handed flight controls, although it takes two hands if you want to access the camera controls. Designed by Scott Parazynski, a pilot and astronaut, the FT Aviator is made for young and old to enjoy, offering an easy and intuitive controller. At this time, the FT Aviator works with DJI drones, and it does so very well. The Fluidity app is very familiar for experienced DJI GO 4 users, and the app allows quick access to change control between the DJI controller and the FT Aviator.

These are some of the best drone accessories we recommend you to buy.

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