Best Drone DJI Mavic Mini Accessories

dji mavic mini accessories

If you are going on an adventure trip and you want to capture the whole adventure then you should have a drone with you. Drone DJI magic mini is the best to carry while going for an adventure in a great season. Adding the DJI Mavic mini accessories will fulfill all your needs for recording your adventure trip. This compact and powerful mini drone is equipped with every feature like 3 axis gimbal and high definition camera. To keep on capturing amazing shots, you should carry the below-discussed drone accessories also.

Flight Battery Dji Mavic Mini Accessories 


Nothing can be more painful than capturing something very beautiful on your adventure trip and your drone battery gets low. The flight battery will provide you with more flight time so you can’t even think of not buying this DJI Mavic mini accessory.  

Extreme Microsd Card 


When you are capturing something special from your drones like a perfect sunset or sunrise and suddenly you realize that you have run out of storage space, it can be frustrating. So it’s important to carry an extreme microSD card with you. Try to carry 128 or 256 GB size cards rather than 32 or 64 GB to get plenty of space for storing all the photos and videos.

Drone Propellers – DJI Mavic Mini Accessories 

When you are hiking across high mountains and capturing the scene with your drone then you would never want it to get spoiled due to loud, buzzing drone propellers. The Propellers DJI Mavic mini accessories are specifically designed to avoid this buzz. The size of these propellers is small and using this does not mean that you are sacrificing the capabilities of the drone. You will get superior aerial performance as these propellers provide powerful thrust.

Mini Snap Adapter 

DJI Mavic mini adapter will give you the chance to do something which you have never done before on an adventure trip. This adapter will allow you to attach the small objects at the top of your mini drone so you can attach any message and send it in the mountains or you can use this in many other ways also.

Two-Way Charger 

If you are taking your mini drone for flying on an adventure trip then portable power options are very essential for you. By using the two-way charger, you can charge three batteries at a time in just 3 to 4 hours. So, you don’t have to stop flying due to the low battery issue. You just have to get the drone down, change the battery and fly it again. Not only the drone batteries but using this portable two-way charger, you can also charge your mobile phones, tablets, etc.


For capturing your full adventure trip nothing can be better than a drone. But just carrying the drone will not be effective for you. Try to carry all the important accessories with you so that you don’t miss anything.

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