DJI Phantom Stock Camera Comparison Why You Shouldnt Buy a Cheap DJI Drone Stock Camera

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The two primary features that make the DJI Drone Stock Camera Inspire line so popular are the ease of use and the quality of the images from these models. The Inspiron range is built around the DJI name and the quality of the Inspiron range is top-notch. Whether you are a new pilot, a skilled flyer, or just someone who likes to watch over your property then this is the toy for you.

The Inspirion Range

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The new Inspiron range includes three separate models, the Inspirion ICS, the Inspirion II and the Mavic air drone. The first two are all remote controlled helicopters whereas the maverique drone is not actually a helicopter but an RC vehicle. Either way, these Inspirion drones will give you hours of fun and enjoyment.

The new Inspirion ICS is the most basic of the drones. At just under $300 it is small in stature yet it offers everything that DJI’s premier drones offer. This Inspirion model allows you to experience the best of the DJI technology with simple controls and easy manoeuvrability. The Inspirion maverique is an enhanced version of the Inspirion ICS. The maverique is larger and has additional features such as; it is equipped with a touchpad, it comes with a carry case, it is faster and has a bit more agility, which makes it ideal for beginners.

Comparison Of Phantom 4 And Spirit

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The other two major drone models are the DJI Phantom 4 and the Dji Spirit. Both of these models are more advanced and provide a greater degree of performance than the Inspirion. The DJI Phantom 4 is almost double the size of the Inspirion and offers better performance and quality for a more serious consumer. For those who are interested in filming scenic views and are looking for a smaller, easier to control, and more affordable option than the spirit would be the right choice.

The DJI Phantom is available in both a Standard and a PTZ format. The standard format uses a lithium battery but can also use AA batteries if the need arises. The PTZ format allows the user to connect the camera to many different remote controls. Like the Mavic Air, the cameras used on the DJI Phantom come with a carrying case. The camera itself has a high resolution and incredible imaging quality.

The Availability In Market

The camera itself is somewhat larger than other cameras available on the market. It is almost two inches by two inches and weighs about two and a half ounces. If you are looking for a carry case this could not be the right one. Some users have reported that it tends to be too heavy especially for those who are trying to carry a small amount of weight. While this might be true, it is generally a good idea to purchase a protective carrying case when purchasing a DJI Phantom 4, especially for those who fly multiple planes as this camera can be quite large.

Popular Features

One of the most popular features of the DJI Phantom is the ability to change the settings on the fly. This feature allows the user to adjust the clarity and contrast on the fly which is very useful when taking landscape photos or videos. The ease of changing the settings on the fly has made the DJI Phantom series highly popular among new and experienced drone users as it gives you the freedom to move forward without having to re-focus the camera.

The last major difference between the DJI Phantom 4 and the original DJI Phantom is the type of mount available. The original DJI Phantom series came with two types of mount available; a Ready to Fly (RTF) and a Mavic Crossbar Mount. The Ready to Fly system was the standard mount for DJI drone stock cameras up until the launch of the Mavic system.

Bottom Lines

With the introduction of the Mavic, DJI moved back to the standard DJI Phantom mount which remains as popular as ever. No matter which type of DJI Phantom 4 drone camera you end up buying, the ability to switch easily between both is important if you intend on using your new drone regularly.

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