Drone Accessories Essential For Your New Drone

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Are you looking for things that makes your drone look cool? The world opens with a lot of drone accessories you thought that didn’t exist. You find the most relevant accessories available for most drone models. These accessories are not just stylish but also fashionable.

Must-Have Drone Accessories

1. Spare Battery:

The first most important thing to buy is an extra battery. This drone accessory helps you to shoot your videos or photos much longer. If you own a Mavic Pro, you get an intelligent Flight battery mode. Usually, pick at least one-two spare battery if you fly a lot.

Drone Accessories Essential For Your New Drone

Drone Accessories Essential For Your New Drone

2. Drone Accessories :Carrying Case

Drones are generally small. The default does not necessarily come with any carrying case. It is available in both small and large versions. Despite being all tough, it is best to carry a purpose-built drone case. This drone accessory will protect your drone and its remote control. Also, it is lightweight without any baggage.

3. Drone Accessories :High Capacity Memory Card

Most of your drones come equipped with a memory card. But these are usually in between 8GB-10GB. It is best to invest in a memory storage card of almost 32GB. Also but a card that conforms to ultra-high speeds standards. Many drones have a higher UHS- 3 cards. Usage of a memory card gives enhanced performance. This model is a pro version. Also, the drawback is its higher price point.

The Essential Drone Accessories You Need For Your Drone:

4. Neutral Density Filters

If you are an everyday video content maker, then a neutral density filter is your partner. Your drone filter cuts through the excess light that enters into the camera. Most of your drones come with a fixed f.no. These filters are basically protects from excess light entering your camera. DJI sells a neutral filter along with a drone.

Drone Accessories Essential For Your New Drone

Drone Accessories Essential For Your New Drone

5. Spare Propellers

Every drone comes equipped with a propeller. The propellers prevent your drone from getting damaged. These accessories are of great value and cost-effective. Mavic Pro upgraded to platinum version. This upgrade provides extra flight time.

6. Drone Accessories :Propeller Guard

A propeller guard is a protective cage for your propellers. These guards do not hinder the flight movement. This accessory is not a need. But, it gives enough battery life.

7. Car Charger

In addition to spare batteries, a car battery keeps you going a long way. DJI sells a conventional car

battery for your drone. The battery will convert your car’s DC power to AC. Besides, this accessory allows you to charge your other devices too. Lastly, it gives you a USB port and standard AC outlets.

8. Landing Gear

A landing gear makes flying more pleasurable. A landing gear uplifts your drone, keeping it off the ground. The speed protects your drone from dirt, snow and grass. The accessory enhances flight performance.

9.Use Of Landing Pad

Since all drones reach close to the dirty ground. Thus, your problem with dirt and dust gets a solution. It keeps the gear keeps clean. It is a portable mat that gives a clean and dust-free launch.

10. Joystick Guard

Joystick guard protects your remote from damage. Usually provides a dual function. They not only protect the screen but also stop the sticks from moving. It is one of the cost-effective accessories.

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