Drone Camera For The Professionals

Drone Camera For The Professionals

Drone camera photography has become quite a trend across the world. And, that’s for all the right reasons. Drones are extremely high-end and technically advanced nowadays. With high-resolution cameras attached to the drone, those shots from up above comes out as stunning as they can be. However, selecting the right drone for your purpose can be a challenge. Especially with numerous drone makers all claiming to be the best, it often becomes confusing as to which is truly the best drone in the market.

How To Choose Best Drone Camera?

Before we move ahead, let’s know what to check for while buying your drone and selecting the right drone camera.

  • Purpose – Before you start selecting, get your purpose clear. There are numerous types of drones available and they are all for different types of users and purposes. So, you need to know why you are getting the drone, and then go on to select the right drone for your purpose.
  • Flight Time – Flight time of a drone is really important since this will decide for how long you will be able to use it at one go. There are drones that can fly for about 15 to 20 minutes, and then there are those that have a flight time of about 2 hours. Considering your purpose, this flight time requirement will make a difference.
  • Range – The range of a drone is basically the range of control. Before choosing a drone camera, it would be best to look at the product’s specifications since here is where you will find its range This will let you know from what distance you can control the drone.
  • Camera Quality – When you are buying a drone, it is important to check out the camera quality as well. The higher the resolution, the better. There is a wide array of camera available. Check them out to know which one will suit your purpose.
  • Price – Price remains an important deciding factor. But, don’t allow it to become the primary factor. Once you have been through all other options, check out the best and most affordable drones available that suit all other points.

4G LTE Voyager 4

The 4G LTE Voyager 4 means serious business. It is among the best commercially used drones available in the market. It can be used for over a pretty long distance and the high-resolution camera makes it the perfect choice when it comes to taking really great pictures from the top, or track something or someone from up above. The most helpful feature is the 4G LTE connectivity that allows simultaneous connectivity with the operator as well as the headquarter.


  • Long-distance control allows for more freedom.
  • The high-definition camera gives a better and clearer picture.
  • 4G LTE connectivity allows simultaneous integration with the operator as well as the ground-based team.


  • The flight time is 20 minutes, which is kind of in the low range.

In conclusion, it can be said that the 4G LTE Voyager 4 from Walkera is a really great drone unless you need to use it over a really long duration. However, since most of the time the operation does not last more than 10-15 minutes, this can serve quite well.

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