Drone Technology Is Advancing Fast With Intelligence In Focus

Drone Technology Is Advancing Fast With Intelligence In Focus

Drone technology is developing really fast. In the past decade, we have witnessed major shifts in the way drones have operated.

There was a time when drones were only used for law enforcement force and government.

But today it’s also utilised in other fields like photography.

The demand for drones have evolved over the years, which is quite evident in how much demand and attention this technology is currently getting.

So, what are the new developments? What can we expect? Where will drones take us? Let us find out.

Central Focus Of Drone Technology Developments

If you take a closer look, you’ll realize where the central focus of drone technology development really lies.

  • Camera Quality – One of the key utilities of the drone is in photography and filmmaking. With that, it needs to be a high-end camera with exceptional clarity and numerous features. Today we have drones with camera quality that can rival any professional DSLR.
  • Portability – Freelancers and photographers need use commercially available drones that are portable. Foldable drones are becoming more common and popular. Easy assembly is also necessary.
  • Intelligent Sensors – Our drones should be able to avoid collision and should be able to perform various operations like following the operator, getting back into range if it flies out of range, and such other operations. With the invention of on-board sensors, intelligent drones became a possibility.

Walkera VITUS Starlight

The VITUS Starlight drone from Walkera is a revolution in the world of the drone market.

It is compact and packs quite a punch in advanced drone technology.

If you are a professional photographer, the Walkera VITUS Starlight can be easily your best pick.

It is jammed with features that make it perfect for photography and videography under almost any condition.

Moreover, the intelligent sensors ensure that you can easily operate your drone even at night without facing any major issue.

Let’s find out more about the pros and cons of this drone.


  • It has a highly compact and portable design that makes it the perfect fit for any freelance project. You don’t need to carry a bulky luggage just to accommodate your drone.
  • High-definition camera with low-light sensors is perfect for exceptional photography both during daytime and nighttime. You can get a fantastic shot of the night sky if you wish to or get a bird’s eye view of the city during the night.
  • 3 directional obstacle sensing will keep your drone safe from collisions even when you are operating it at night.
  • Mechanical stabilized gimbal offers better control over the drone.
  • Indoor hovering is available and usable within closed spaces.


  • There isn’t much to be unhappy about. The only thing is, a flight time of 25 minutes which might be a bit lacking in some cases.

The final verdict is that this is one of the best drones available in the market and you can certainly check it out.

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