Drone That Uses Iphone To Its Contribution In The Security Field

drone that uses iphone

Drones are the unmanned air vehicles ( UAVs) which are the aircraft not driven by human pilots. They are part of a complex unmanned aircraft system (UAS) which includes a drone, a ground-based controller and a system of communications between the two. The fights may operate either under remote control by a human operator or by an onboard computer. It’s a global market which is currently worth about 2 billion dollars and is estimated to grow upto 127 billion dollars by 2025. Let us check out everything from drone that uses iphone to security field.

Applications Of Drones In Field

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There are various applications of drones in different fields but they can be categorized into three main fields namely civil, commercial and military. Civilian drones are used mainly in works related to public interest like in disaster relief, law enforcement, conservation, detection of crime and terrorism. Commercial drones are used for various money making activities like filmmaking, journalism, news telecasting, surveying, cargo transport and scientific research for agriculture, weather and mining. Military drones are used for surveillance, security and attacking purpose in the army. This includes tasks like demining, target practice, reconnaissance, and aerial border surveillance.

Plus Points of Drones in Security Field

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Drones are in the security areas for quite a long time now and now it can be rightly analyzed what advantages have they added to our lives.

The president at Star River Incorporated, Mr. James A. Acevedo, has given a new point of view to the security usage of drones. Enterprise security personnel can use drones to find gaps and vulnerabilities that wouldn’t normally be seen by normal users. Drones are also a great help to monitor college campuses, stadiums, and other outdoor venues. We may also use thermal imaging camera to make it possible to take snaps even at night.

Security Teams

Security teams can inspect the tall multi-storied buildings and rooftops from the ground. Drones may be used in thickly populated and congested areas so as to find new paths to the vehicle drivers for various mapping apps. “Many intelligent drones have the ability to capture images and audio and video sensors to listen for gunfire and explosions. Some drones may be able to differentiate between gunfire and an explosion so that they may call the police or report to someone where the explosion has taken place.”, says Ryan Hendricks, managing partner at Dronusphere. They can be used to search for missing people in the natural calamities or man-made disasters even in very remote areas. Drones are a big investment for the cost savings for any enterprise. Consider, if instead of using drones for monitoring and security, we need to employ full – time security guards, a lot of cameras and proper fencing around. We may also need a helicopter and a big land for the helipad.


Now, after calculating the cost of all these expenses, if buy two or three drones then too the cost of drones will be less than the situation considered otherwise. Due to much advancement in the online shopping culture, large companies like Amazon and Flipkart, are trying to use drones for the shipping purposes so that the time for receiving goods can be faster. Even Mark Zukerberg had released a statement illustrating how promising is the drone technology worldwide.

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