Drone Uses You Might Want To Learn About Before You Purchase One

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The recent time has seen a rapid increase in drone uses. Drones have been used in almost everything, from capturing shots of a particular location to performing military operations, from recording a wedding to delivery of packages. This article will cover all the drone uses and show how it has gained popularity with time.

What Is A Drone?

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Drone generally refers to an aircraft that is not driven by any pilot. It is also referred to as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. These crafts can carry out a wide range of tasks from package delivery to military operations.

Tasks That A Drone Can Perform


Different drones have a varying capacity of traveling distances and covering heights. Many drones have the ability to cover a distance of more than 3 miles and are mostly used by hobbyists. Since drones can be controlled from remote locations and can be flown at varying heights, they are found to be beneficial in a number of different cases. Some of the drone uses are:

Searching survivors after a hurricane

Carrying out scientific research in extreme climatic conditions

Keeping a watch on military activities and providing useful information

Capturing beautiful shots.

Types of drones

There can be various types of drones based on drones’ uses. These are:

Single rotor drone

They resemble tiny helicopters and can be gas or electric powered. A single blade provides them with stability and helps it to cover longer distances.

Multi rotor drone

These are the smallest and the lightest drones available. They are capable of covering a limited height and distance but are suitable for drone uses by photographers. This drone can spend almost 30 minutes in the air.

Fixed wings drone

They resemble normal airplanes. The only difference is that instead of rotors, wings provide elevation to these drones. They usually run on fuel instead of electricity which makes them capable of staying in air for more than 16 hours. They are large in size and thus need a runway for landing and taking off. They are used by military to carry out strikes and also for food delivery to hard-to-reach areas.

Drone uses


The first example of drone use was in the military. US started using drones in the 1940s to spy on Axis power. The drones have advanced with time and are equipped with thermal imaging and tools that can help perform airstrikes.

Emergency rescue

The drone uses also includes emergency rescue in situations where sending humans is not possible. This can be in situations of a serious disaster such as boat drowning. If there is an avalanche strike, drone uses can be made and the location of those trapped inside snow can be deployed.


The drone uses also involves usage for transport of packages and food items at your doorstep. These vehicles used for transportation purposes are known as ‘the last mile’. Drones are considered an efficient transport alternative and are being preferred by people all across the nation.

Outer space

NASA and the air force of the US have been testing drone uses in space travel. X-37B UAV is the secret drone that has been circling around the earth for the last 2 years. This vehicle has set a record for being an unmanned aircraft in outer space for more than 719 days.


Drone uses have been a very important part of our life. They have multiple usages and their importance has increased over time. Various fields have seen an increase in the usage of drones and there is a hope that there will be many more advancements in this field.

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