Eve Drone Types That You Should Know About Before Purchase

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Drones are semi-autonomous devices that are released from battleships to supplement the capabilities of the launching ship. Drones have a lot of versatility when compared to other combat weaponry options in Eve. Drones, on the other contrary, must travel towards their targets before causing harm, and they are vulnerable to opposing fire. Drones come in a variety of sizes and can perform a variety of tasks. 

Eve Drone Types – Combat Drones

The most frequent drones are combat drones, which are employed to harm and demolish opposing warships. Combat drones come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Light scout drones can easily do lengthy destruction while tracking even for the quickest of warships. These are fantastic for just about everything, but they have the least amount of DPS of any of the drones.

Medium scout drones are drone warships, with higher DPS, shorter travel periods, and mid-ranged armor. These are fantastic when deployed in conjunction with drone-based ships to combat cruisers and combined drone DPS opposing battleships.

Slow warships with high DPS are targeted by heavy combat drones. These are often the slowest drones, taking too long to reach destinations being far away, in retrospect. 

Eve Drone Types – Utility

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Electronic warfare and combat utility drones use electronic warfare and other tactics to damage an enemy. Every one of the four types of electronic warfare, including tracking disruption, electronic countermeasures, sensor dampening, and target painting, has its own drone. Drones can also deplete an enemy’s capacitor or slow down a spacecraft.

Good warships’ shields, armor, and hulls are serviced by logistic drones. These drones are an excellent method to provide logistics without utilizing a logistics ship or to provide far more representations while using one. They, just like all the other drones, gain power as their size and speed increase.

Eve Drone Types – Other Ideas

Salvage drones allow you to rescue shipwrecks without having to take up a high slot with a salvage ship. They may rescue not just as far as your drone control range allows, but also as far as the drone processing network allows. When used in conjunction with a movable tractor unit, prepping a project area is a snap.

Asteroids or ice are mined for minerals by mining drones. You may mine using these drones instead of a mining ship. Even if they’re not as helpful on non-mining ships, they help mining ships fill their hold faster, boosting the rate per hour. While mining barges feature modest drone bays that can only hold a few small drones, they are rarely advised unless you have specialized DPS to deal with rats. 


We hope the details we have provided above give some basic details on the types of drones in the market and the ones you can purchase according to your requirements. Since the Drone is quite the investment, it is only advisable to learn the basics and your requirement to make the right choice.

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