Eve Drone Types

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The drones used in EVE are very powerful. You may think that you can do with just good guns, but as you advance, you will realize that you will need more and more drones. There are different types of drones in EVE and each have different damage types, strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we shall discuss in length about the EVE drone types.

EVE Drone Types

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  • Light Scout Drones – These are essential drones that everyone needs and begins with. They offer an easy long-ranged damage and are still able to track the fastest of ships. These drones are good for everything and also provide the smallest amount of DPS of all the drones.
  • Medium Scout Drones – These are cruisers of drones and they offer more DPS with slower travel times. They also offer a mid-ranged tank. These drones are good when used with drone-based ships. They fight against cruisers and combined gun/drone DPS against battleships. These are also the best for ratting.
  • Heavy Combat Drones – These are used against low ships that offer large amounts of DPS. These drones are the most underused ones, but also some of the most powerful ones with a lot of HP. They are also the slowest drones that take a lot of time to reach their targets.
  • Sentry Drones – These are the most addictive drones as they can use T2 sentries and you will never want to use anything else as these offer volley damage that can be compared to turret volleys. These drones are not ‘tanky’ and they do not move at all. But they are quite deadly when used by a seasoned pilot.
  • Combat Utility Drones – These consist of Stasis Webifier drones (SW) and Energy Vampire (EV). The Eve are not exactly vampires, but are neutralizing drones. These prove to be quite useful. The SW drones have a drone-based cruiser or battleship that helps them slow down anything to make it easier to hit. There are various sizes and they are named accordingly.
  • Electronic Warfare Drones – These offer great utilities such as Track Disruption, Target Painter, Sensor Dampener, and ECM. The EC is one of the most used especially in the logistic ships. The ECM is not a combined use and each drone ‘rolls’ to see if the ECM works individually.
  • Logistic Drones – These are a great way to offer logistics without an actual logistics ship. You can get drones offering all types of HP, shields, armor, etc. Like other drones, this one has more power as the size increases, but the speed goes down respectively.
  • Mining Drones – these offer the ability to mine without needing a proper mining ship. They are not very useful with non-mining ships, but they allow mining ships to fill their hold quickly. This increases the ISK/hour rate.
  • Salvage Drones – These provide the ability to salvage wrecks without needing a salvager taking up a high shot.
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These are the different types of EVE drone types.

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