Eve Online Drones – Which Type of Drone is Best For You

eve drone types

There are several types of drones in EVE Online and each of them has various strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. In this short article, we are going to discuss briefly all the EVE online drone types… First off, there are Sentries which are one of the strongest and most effective forms of drone in EVE Online. They are highly specialized and highly effective sentry that is good for farming and also for controlling multiple types of minerals at the same time. Here are a few examples of the minerals that Sentries can produce:

– Ore. A complete unit consists of three parts: The main body, a Pod (which contains several compartments and doors), and an antenna. The ore it produces is usually blue grade and can be sold for a lot of (ISK is the currency in EVE Online used to purchase units).

– Scout drone types. These are drones that seek out target structures or entities and do very little in the way of damage. They are easy to use and are cheap to buy. These types of drone types are very good for farming mineral nodes. However, they are weak in that they have low armor and cannot penetrate walls.

Eve Drone Types

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– Heavy Scout Drone Types. These drone types are the backbone of any combat drone army. They have great armor and the ability to penetrate almost any armor type. This makes them a devastating weapon against enemy warship fleets as they can destroy many of their larger ships. Although weak in armaments, they pack a great amount of damage.

– Medium Scout Drone Types. This is one of the best medium drone units around. They have the ability to cloak when not in combat and still perform well. The downside to this is that they are expensive and have trouble fitting onto smaller ships. The damage they can inflict though is nothing compared to the mass of shields a battleship carries.

– Small scout drone types. These are smaller versions of the heavy scout drone. They can perform well in combat but are typically used for anti-air combat. A small fast drone is used to quickly move from ship to take out enemy vessels.

– Large scout drone types. These are the largest of all of the different types of units you can purchase. They are extremely strong and very effective for combating enemy spacecraft. Their damage ability surpasses most other units so they are often used in fleet battles to eliminate large groups of smaller ships.

A Much Ado

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Eve Online has tons of possible strategies and builds for each of the Eve classes. Choosing the right unit and fitting for each job is key to overall success. Different races also have various benefits or penalties to their drone abilities, so research each race thoroughly and know what they are capable of. The various Eve Online Dronies will provide you with information on how to defeat them in PvP matches. Good luck with your new and exciting character!

– PvE damage drones. These units are excellent for taking out tougher enemy vessels, especially if they are in a large group. Keep a good number of these in a group near an objective area for extra points.

– PvP damage drone. These are used for PvP matches. These are much stronger than the PvE drones and will easily take out enemy shields and hulls. They don’t have quite as much range as the PvE drones, but this is a fine trade-off for the increased effectiveness.

The science or research drone is the last option. This is mainly used to research new items or to research combat materials. This is a great tool to use in a longer mission, or for collecting rare items or units. Keep a steady supply of these around the map to make sure you never run out. It’s also a good idea to have one of these recharged at all times, as it will make leveling up faster.

Final Words

Eve Online has a lot of different options when it comes to choosing from the different drone types. Each type is useful for a particular purpose and should be used often. Most races can use all three of the main drone types, and specialty units can be built using only two of the main three. Knowing what your enemies’ needs are will help you with which drone type to bring to the battlefield.

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