Features of Multi-Rotor Drones

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Drones are now becoming a household product. For photography to vigilance, a drone has become too much important. But drones may have different numbers of rotors. If a drone has more than two rotors, you can call it a multi-rotor drone. Some important features of multi-rotor drones are –

Symmetrical Design of Multi-Rotor Drones

Multi-rotor drones’ designs are the primary feature of these types of drones. These drones must be symmetrical by design. Be it a tricopter, quadcopter, or any other multi-rotor drones, its symmetrical design is very much important to balance and better flight conditions. Otherwise, a few different conditions make this thing crash in a jiffy. Also, it will be hard to control the UAV by any remote system if the design faces any glitch.

Features of Multi-Rotor Drones
Features of Multi-Rotor Drones

Camera Resolution

The camera resolution of a drone is the ultimate feature you want as a professional. Be it from photography sessions to tactical vigilance, high definition camera becomes the primary concern of any multi-rotor drones. As per your need, you can find 720p, 1080p and 4K drones. Also, the bitrate of these drones plays a major role while selecting them. As different new technology makes way, you can get raw image data to get high definition pictures or videos. You can even get to see the videos by directly plugging it in any device by the USB charger.

Battery Backup of Multi-Rotor Drones

As a drone lover, after camera resolution, you must check its battery backup. Multi-rotor drones are prone to exhaust theirs more quickly. A multi-rotor means an increase of charge consumption. So, if you are intending to have a drone with a quality flight time you must not buy a beginner’s drone. Many of these drones have a flight time of 7 to 15 minutes. But there are some quality drone companies in the market which can give you a flight time of 25 to 30 minutes. Even, you can spend, you can also get multi-rotor drones with 40 minute flight time which exceptionally well.

Features of Multi-Rotor Drones
Features of Multi-Rotor Drones


Speed is another important aspect of multi-rotor drones. The average speed of these drones is around 40 to 50 kmph. A multi-rotor drone can have the highest speed of 72 kmph. But, it also varies by the quality of the drones. Some drones are small and foldable. So, these drones have a negative impact while the weather changes.

Altitude Hold

The altitude holding of a drone is important to control the drone as it helps to navigate to take pictures of any place. If someplace is beyond people’s reach, you can send the drone to take pictures of the place and helps to get important information also. But the capacity of normal drones is not great. Average drones can get an altitude of 40 meters as it has to be controlled with GPS or different techs. But some quality drones can even get a range more than 100 meters easily.

Obstacle Sensor

This feature does not exist in every drone. But many multi-rotor drones have this feature, with different parts specifics. Many drones have great navigational features to avoid such a crash. And some drones have a good build to avoid destruction by crashing. If you buy any high-end drones, this feature becomes a must. It helps you to get relevant information without any hazard or obstacle. Some drones have sensors and some have cameras to get rid of this problem.

Other Features

Drones also have some optional features. For navigational purposes, many drones have the facility to come back following a pre-determined track. Some drones also have touch sensors. Even if you may find some drones with 8K features. Drones now come with GPS trackers and many other techs. You can now even fold the drone which makes it compact and easy to carry.

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