Finding The Best DJI Battery Connector

drone battery connector types

The world of drone cameras has been growing exponentially since the invention of the first remote control model. Before, when there was a need to upload a drone photograph or display live images for a conference or special event, an individual would have to bring a laptop and a standard web camera to the event.

Today, drone photography and other types of videography are done with the use of drone photography platforms that can be flown by a smartphone. With such convenience, the world of drone technology has grown and is changing at breakneck speeds.

When an individual purchases a drone camera, there are many accessories that come with it. Everything from remote controllers to batteries needs to be included in order to fully utilize all of the functions of the device. One accessory that many people do not think to purchase is a drone battery connector. It is vital that the proper connection is made between the drone and the battery in order to make the most of the full potential of the device. If not, the battery may prove to be less than fully effective.

The DJI Drone Line


For example, there are times when the drone camera platform requires connection to a power source in order to operate. In this case, the power connection should be made between the drone battery and the power source. Failure to connect the drone battery to an appropriate source can result in damage to the device and a loss of data.

Another instance when a connection is necessary is when connecting the drone camera to a power source or when using a standard computer. This is why the proper connection is necessary, and a drone battery connector can help to make this connection much easier to accomplish. There are four different types of connectors that can be used to connect the drone camera to a power source or computer. Each of these types has its own benefits, but ultimately the most convenient and safest option is to use a connector that is part of the DJI drone line.

All Cables Are Completely Sealed

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An important point to note about the connectors included with the DJI line is that all cables are completely sealed. No additional connections will ever be present, so there will never be any issues with moisture, static, or electrical resistance. This ensures that your batteries remain safe and will never experience issues that would make it unsafe to use.

The connector that will work the best for you will be determined by the type of connection that you need to make. If you are using your drone for indoor purposes, then a cable is not needed. However, if you will be flying your drone outside, then you will want to purchase a connector that allows you to connect your DJI drone to an external power source. Some options for this include a USB to Power Adapter and a Power Distribution Unit. Keep in mind that the proper power sources and adapters must be compatible with each other in order to be effective.

The Battery Connector

Another option for a DJI drone is the battery connector. This is very similar to that used for the transmitter and allows you to replace batteries without having to connect the drone to a different source. Again, compatibility is important here, so be sure to match up the proper battery connector with your drone. This should be easy to do, as most of the time they are the same size and color.

Final Words

Whether you have a DJI Phantom or any other brand, it is always important to make sure that your drone is properly charged and that no other wires are getting in the way. This will ensure that your battery connector provides you with the best functionality. No matter which type of battery connector you use, making sure that it provides you with a safe connection and gives you the power you need is essential for your overall enjoyment of your DJI Phantom.

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