Foldable Selfie Drone: Mini Foldable Selfie Drone

foldable selfie drone

People are crazy for selfies these days. Nowadays people take selfies of everything they do, and everywhere they go. They want people to see the pictures, so they post it on social media. The foldable selfie drone is very sleekest that you will ever see. It also has an altitude hold mode. Selfie drone saves all the pictures and videos you take directly on your phone, and this is one of the best things. You don’t need to sit with this selfie drone and waste your energy and transfer your pictures and videos on your phone. It is automatically assigned.

It is also having a WiFi transmission providing you an easy and fun trip. The selfie drone has a foldable design which is very convenient to carry anywhere you want from one place to another very easily. Selfie drone also has some features that will give you a smooth flying experience. There is also a high-speed mode and a low-speed mode. It also has a 3d flip function.

Mini Foldable Selfie Drone

Selfie drone has a unique design. You must have never seen a product like this with such beautiful features. It also has a high-quality painting. It is having a 0.3 MP and 2 MP camera which helps you to take photos and record videos. It also has a six-axis flight control system which is latest, and it provides a super stable flight. It has a tiltable camera which helps you to adjust the angle view. You can fix the angle according to your wish you want to. To make sure that you can control the camera quickly, it is having an upgraded transmitter with 2.4G 4CH. You can be carefree to fly with the headless mode it is providing and one key return. This design is made uniquely foldable for your benefit.

Benefits Of Selfie Drone

 Everyone wants to keep some memories of their deeds so that when they will watch the selfies photos, they will miss those days very much. You can get a fresh experience with this product. This product is straightforward to use, and in case if you don’t know, you will learn very quickly with the provided tips. You need to read the instructions very properly and then need to seek help from the people who have an experience just because you are a beginner now. The screen of the mobile phone displays with real-time imaging capture. You cannot work with continuous batteries in this product which is not suggestible. This product contains the coreless motors.


If you are a photogenic person and loves to take pictures and make memories, then you are absolutely at the right page reading the right product. This product is absolutely for you then. It is a must buy the product for all the photo enthusiastic person. You need to pay all your attention very well to every flight because one crash will create damage. The aircraft is having no resistant to crash. The motor can be blocked or burned because when the plane is falling, it is essential to push the throttle to the bottom.

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