How Long Is The Life Of A Drone Battery?

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The life of a drone battery can be tracked through the logging of time, voltage and current. Voltage and current are shown by the DUTCH sign in the front panel of a DJI Phantom camera. Time is a log of the times that the camera was powered on and off. It is important to watch how long it takes for the battery to drain to avoid damage.

Knowing the life of a battery is important to helping prevent damage to your equipment. One of the most common problems seen with DJI products is excessive battery power being drained and discharged due to the hot environment, the camera is kept in. Laptop batteries will not work in a similar fashion as does a this type of drone. Therefore it is imperative to use laptops only for advanced photography, and only turn the computer on when absolutely necessary.

How Long Is The Life Of A Drone Battery?

Drone batteries also have temperature levels and other environmental factors that affect their longevity. The cost of DJI’s batteries has steadily decreased as the demand for the drones increases. Many users find it more economical to purchase replacement parts than to change drone batteries.

Drone Battery Life Maintenance

At least once every twelve months, every drone battery needs to be replaced. Most batteries have a shelf life, but the weight of the camera can shorten the life of the battery. By using a lower resolution camera, the weight is reduced.

If drone batteries are damaged or worn out, it is easy to replace them. You can recharge your drone battery completely at some websites, they could allow you to do so with no batteries being lost in the process.

The amount of life a battery has can be calculated by taking the voltage of the battery and dividing it by the battery capacity. Long life is dependent on the model of the battery, the amount of wear and tear that the battery has suffered, and the amount of time that the battery has been on. To calculate the life of a battery, just multiply the voltage by the battery capacity. The final result is an estimate of the life of the battery.

Keep in mind that you should always check your battery charge every couple of months. Some low end chargers can cause damage to the battery. Also, it is important to replace your battery if the battery voltage suddenly drops, or starts dropping.

Save Money on Batteries

There are many sites online that offer suggestions on how to save money on a replacement for a damaged or low grade batteries. Many of these companies offer a free sample of their spare parts and services. Do some research before purchasing a new battery from a store or any other company.

After the battery is replaced, it is also important to remove the battery from the drone when you plan to upgrade your drone with a new battery. This is because the batteries do not come with the charger or the mounting bracket. The battery and charger assembly may have to be ordered separately. However, ordering the bracket can be accomplished by the customer.

If the battery has a low life then the first thing that should be checked is the firmware, or the programming code for the battery. It is important to remember that once a charge is lost the power source is automatically disconnected and the battery will no longer receive a charge. The data for the drone battery needs to be deleted from the flight controller, and then the battery should be replaced with a new one.

How Long Is The Life Of A Drone Battery

The amount of charge remaining in the battery is indicated by the DUTCH sign, which is located near the battery. For a high quality battery, the life of a battery can be increased by changing the batteries. You can charge and recharge on the fly as it may offer a longer life span.

A great new drone is worth investing in the batteries that will allow you to keep taking amazing photographs. After all, when it comes to buying the right kind of batteries, time is the biggest consideration.

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