Iran Has New Iranian Drone Designs

Iran Drone Types

Iran is developing a few new drone types. We all know they have already developed the F-4 Phantom. These are great for aerial reconnaissance but what about ground surveillance? Well, we might be seeing this in the future with their F-5 and F-6 models.

Iranian Drone Designs: F-5

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If you were to ask the U.S. Army about the F-5, they would probably tell you that it was too noisy and would break down after awhile. The F-5 is an extremely maneuverable aircraft with a very high top speed and a very long operational time. It is a perfect candidate for use in a strike force to provide airborne close air support for troops in the field or to provide intelligence.

About F-6

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The F-6 would fit right in with the Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force in the same way that the F-4 did. It is similar to the UAVs that the Army already has in their arsenal. But it does have some similarities to the smaller UAVs that the Navy will soon have. The F-6 would be just as maneuverable, just slower.

What is interesting to note about these Iranian drone types is that they seem to be taking a lot of their design cues from the Chinese. While the Chinese have never been known to be overly secretive, the fact is that they are heavily influenced by the Chinese military.

It is hard to make conclusions from a few designs however, especially when there are so many foreign companies that are involved in the industry. It is a very complicated area to study in, but that does not mean that no one is doing it.

What we have seen in Iran is a new look at the F-5. The UAV is likely to have a two-way radio to allow it to communicate with ground troops during a mission. This will give them an even better advantage than they already have because they can contact people on the ground through the radio instead of having to send a radio signal.

The F-6 will likely have a much more powerful engine and will have a long endurance rating. They might also have a long-range infrared sensor so that they can keep track of moving vehicles on the ground even after they have disappeared from sight.

Theories Of Iranian Drone Designs

There are a lot of theories out there regarding Iranian drone types. However, I expect that this new F-6 and F-5 will be in the running, but it might take them a while before they develop a new model.

As for the F-5, it would appear that it would be more of an upgrade to the F-4. However, there has been a lot of speculation that the F-6 would be more powerful than the F-4, and I would not be surprised if they went the route of the UAV-fighting UAV route.

Another idea is that the F-5 will serve as a reconnaissance UAV. It could look like the F-4 but have long-range capabilities so that it can follow moving objects on the ground.

New Iranian Drone Designs

A new Iranian UAV design could have two forward pods that could be used to carry bombs or other weapons. If the bombs are real-world rockets, then the design would be a little more complex than a UAV-fighting UAV.

It may also have long-range infrared sensors, and an infrared tracking system so that it can follow the motion of moving targets. In addition, it may also have some form of a jamming device to prevent detection by radar.


All in all, Iran could use one of the new Iranian UAV designs in combination with the F-5 and maybe the F-6 to create something more unique than what we have now. We do know that they are working on UAVs as well, and it is possible that we will see more Iranian UAVs over the coming years, but we cannot yet determine the exact details of what they have.

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