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km tactical

The KM tactical is a United States-based company full filing the needs of their customers by providing them the customized AR-15 and Glock components. This brand was founded in the year 2013 and the founders are happy business couples as Mr. Kyle and his wife Mrs. Katherine. The most important point to be noticed about this brand is that there is huge growth in the operation over the past 8 years and this is the result of their hard work and commitment to serve the people at best. They are always ready to explore the world in their unique style and have some nice plans regarding the future. This company operates in the retail segment as sporting goods store.

KM Tactical

Km Tactical

Some strong points exist in KM’s tactical business foundation that helps to generate good revenue. This brand thinks that helping the small business is the best way to go proceed as this way, the small business pass on the savings to their local dealers. They put equal respect to all kinds of business, nothing is small or big for them. They also have much pride in being an American company with American-made parts. This is the result of their unique policy which can get them a strong market share in the industry. Their web traffic rankings are better than the industry average. As per the available information, they have the annual revenue figure as $ 10, 600, 000 where the revenue per employee exits at $ 200, 000 and undoubtedly this is a nice figure.

KM Tactical Operations

Km Tactical

If we go over the short detailed segment of this brand’s operation zone then it starts with the providence of police gear pistol and rifle parts for less. They also offer high-quality AR-15, 308 uppers, and lower kits. They also cover the different sections of shots by the multiple categories as firearm grips and stocks, firearm barrels, firearm cases as wholesaler/ distributor. They also deal in supplying the machining and fabrication. They design and produce the products by targeting today’s shooter in the focus and of course, they are delivering the best in class products at a very affordable price. The engaged customers are also enjoying their desired need by getting a customized product as per their choice, that’s a good thing from a customer point of view. 

Supply Chain

If we consider their role in the supply chain management process then they give their best by considering the core four tactical factors as knowledge: acquisition, sharing, application, and learning from the process.


The shared facts are quite enough to understand the growing business of KM tactical. This company is definitely setting some Benchmarks for the rest of the competitors to follow and with their amazing strategies in the supply chain, they have been able to make it through the fluctuations of the market without losing their competitive position. We believe this is an inspiration for anyone who is on the management side of a company.

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