Know All About Sky Viper Drone Accessories

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The Sky Viper Nano Drone, with its sturdy build, dominates the market. It can fit in a room no more significant than your palm, and its pocket-friendly affordability and toughness add to its appeal.

Despite its limited size of 3 inches in diameter, this drone boasts cutting-edge technical nitty-gritty based on a variety of sensors. These sensors assist the drone in detecting changes in the flight path and adjusting the propellers for improved stability.

Furthermore, a remote transmitter with a range of up to 200 feet is included, allowing you to maintain steady control of the drone. The presence of four propellers aids its convenient and straightforward controllability. The drone also includes a transmitter that resembles the controllers used on more costly and sophisticated drones.

• The Nano is lightweight enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is ideal for traveling both indoors and outdoors, measuring 2.75′′.

• Simple One-Touch Stunts With a quick press of the Stunt button, you can do barrel rolls in mid-flight.

• The Benefit of Having Four Blades: • Adjustable sensitivity provides precision and power for every skill level, providing the ultimate in in-flight agility, control, and stability.

• High-Efficiency Transmitter is operating at 2.4 GHz.

If you desire to step outside of your comfort zone, this autopilot system’s multi-dimensional movements – hover, roll, and cruise – will astound you. This drone is rugged and challenging, but it can be broken apart if mishandled or hit hard enough. Some pieces can, of course, be replaced, but it’s best to be cautious.

Building Requirements

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When you receive the package, look for the following items:

The use of four blades ensures • Stability.

• 3.7 volts 100 mAh LiPo battery • 2.4GHz remote transmitter controller • 2.4GHz remote transmitter • Charging cable • Replacement propeller • Propeller screws • User manual

Photo camera

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As previously mentioned, the camera is not included with the Sky Viper Nano Drone because it is too lightweight and lacks sufficient power to lift an action camera. It could, however, have enough energy for a light FPV camera, but you’ll have to try it for yourself and let us know if it works!

Flight Time And Battery

Another disappointment is that the package does not have a charger, which means your pocket will be burned once more. The manufacturers suggest a 3s or 4s Li-Po battery.

Manual controller

The given controller serves as a system manager, modulating and regulating the flight. The controller’s home is between the two plates, which repairs it before it takes off on its journey.

Performance In Flight

Although it appears to be an autopilot device, the drone will still be flown and controlled by a human. Since the power is in the user’s possession, he or she must master it to maintain an accident-free flight. Its motions and stability will be at your fingertips once it has been honed. Hovering, rolling, and sailing are only a few of the many things available to drone enthusiasts.


The model is intended to cater to both practitioners and novices to summarise. However, a non-technical individual (or someone who isn’t particularly interested in drones) may find this drone to be overly technical. However, non-technical people will learn to put it together.

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