Know Some Of The US Military Drone Types

us military drone types

The usage of drones, otherwise known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), have increased over time. These aircrafts are remotely piloted, reducing the need for a pilot to physically be on board during flight. These aerial vehicles have varieties of usefulness. They are used when taking aerial photographs and in cinematography. They also are commonly used in the military to gather intelligence, to carry out rescue missions, to map and target destinations, and execute several other functions.

Numerous manufacturing companies have continued to develop the drone market by producing some high quality drones. Hence, there are numerous types of drones available, each sporting different features. You have to know the types of drones in use. Hence, we discuss some US military drone types you should know.

Micro Mini Or Small Drones

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These drone types are mostly utilised in the military. There are also consumer drones of this type. Like the name suggests, they are of small sizes, usually less than 150kg. Due to their size, these drones can perform a host of functions including; intelligence gathering, talent acquisition, and even surveillance. 

An example is the FULMAR fixed wing micro-UAV which weighs approximately 20 kg. Most of these drones are launched using catapults with recovery nets. They usually have short deployment times, and ranges up to 100km.

Tactical Drones

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Drones that are categorised under this category weigh between 150kg to 600kg. They are mostly used for mid range surveillance; so they are only designed to be used in special forces. They provide the right balance between the micro drones with short ranges, and the strategic types of drones.

Drones in this category are known to be flexible, rugged and have high endurance periods. An ideal example is the watchkeeper. It is useful when making analysis of situations or damages, during target acquisition, as well as during surveillance.

Strategic Drones

They weigh above 600kg. They are commonly called High Altitude Long Endurance system (HALE), and Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE). 

Due to their weights, they are mostly used in friendly areas for surveillance and reconnaissance. Hence, they may be used to determine the position of a target, or group of targets. Some examples are the renowned Predator, and the Heron family.

You can also classify drones based on the functions they perform. This includes; target and decoy, reconnaissance, research and commercial, combat drones and more.


The usage of drones, otherwise called UAVs, have increased over time, especially in the US military. Hence, you need to catch-up with the trend and get to know what type of drones there are. We discuss some US military drone types you should know.

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