List of Various Drone Uses

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Since their invention, drones have been used for various purposes. In various countries today, the uses of drones are regulated under government laws. Here is a list of the various drone uses.

Remote Sensing

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Sensing equipment can be attached to drones to assist with a number of functions. Remote sensing by drones is done in various fields such as agriculture, geological surveying, archeology, etc. Myriad sensors can be attached to drones that can be used for various purposes. For examples, Lidars are attached to drones to measure the height of crops. This tool measures distance by illuminating an object with laser light and then measuring the reflection. Similarly, drones are attached with heat sensors to detect the temperatures of livestock, water temperature and for other surveillance and emergency research.

Commercial Aerial Surveillance

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This is one of the most amazing use of drones. Security cameras are attached to drones to monitor restricted areas and to catch lawbreakers. Drones can help spy and monitor a suspected person’s actions. Farmers use drones to monitor their livestock and fire departments also use drones to track and map wild fires. Similarly, many private firms also use drones to monitor their infrastructure. Drones are also used to inspect tall buildings or structures like towers, chimneys or roofs and this saves businesses from incurring huge expenses and human risk.

Commercial and Motion Picture Making

Drones are used in video and filmmaking too. The FAA allowed the petition in 2014 for motion picture companies to use drones for their work. These greatly reduce the cost involved in gathering action and aerial footage. These were earlier done by using expensive equipment like booms or dollies or sometimes even helicopters. Similarly, drones are also used in sporting events as they have a better ability to maneuver into locations where cameras cannot reach. For example, in the recent snowboarding events in 2014, drones were used.

Oil, Gas and Mineral Exploration

Electromagnetic sensors can be connected to drones to gather information to help geological findings. These include information regarding the presence and location of oil, minerals and natural gas in select locations.

Disaster Relief

Drones are packed with many sensors and this feature helps the government to locate and save lives during natural disasters and calamities. Drones are used extensively to deliver medical supplies, food packets, water and other useful items to people stuck in disaster zones. Drones can be used to detect human presence by detecting their heat signature.

Real Estate and Construction

Drones can easily survey land and find out information regarding possible construction sites. Many realtors, builders and developers use drones to gather video and imagery to building inspections.

Recreational Use

Other than the various important uses of drones, they are hugely used for recreational purposes. They are used for various applications ranging from agriculture to national security. But, drones are also fun to use. Many children buy smaller drones for personal flying and learning how to maneuver their machines as a hobby.

These are the various uses of drones.

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