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parrot drone accessories

The Parrot Drone is one of the most versatile, easy to use, and popular toys on the market today. While Parrot drones are quite small compared to say, the DJI Phantom line, it still can be a chore to carry around a tiny quadcopter, a transmitter, and all of the other PV equipment you’ll be using. That’s where drone accessories can help out. There are lots of great options for add-ons available, but three great Parrot Drone accessories that will give you the best bang for your buck are the Parrot AR Drone Racing Helmet, Parrot Drone Concentrate Scope, and the Parrot Drone Racing Pod.

The Parrot AR Drone Racing Helmet is the first-party controller accessory that many people will immediately see. This high-tech head-gear fits atop your standard goggles and has plenty of extra features to make your racing experience all the more exciting and realistic. In addition to the awesome high-tech look of this headset, it is fully equipped with rechargeable batteries, which means no worrying about running out of battery during your races. And thanks to the built-in obstacle avoidance system on the headset, you won’t have to worry about running into walls or other things along the way.

Best For Newbies

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The Parrot AR Drone Concentrate Scope is another great Parrot Drone accessory that can be used by both newbies and experienced pilots alike. This scope is also designed to fit snugly onto your goggles and has numerous different focus adjustment settings so you can easily target specific areas. What makes this particular scope so cool is that it also doubles as a remote control. Simply flip open the scope and push the button on the handheld transmitter to instantly launch your drone in the air. Even if you aren’t in the air, this handheld transmitter will still work perfectly fine for controlling your quadcopter. You’ll need to have an iOS device or even an Android smartphone to be able to control your quad with this.

High Quality

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If you’re not an advanced pilot or don’t fly as often as you might like, then one of your biggest problems will be trying to find good quality Parrot drone parts and other Parrot Drone accessories. One thing you can do to avoid spending too much money on these items is to simply search for replacement propellers online. If you’re willing to spend a bit of time looking around on the internet, you should be able to find a decent supply of replacement propane fuel tanks for your mini quad at a decent price. You may also find replacement propellers or flight batteries which are slightly more expensive than the stock items at online stores. Either way, you shouldn’t have any problems finding exactly what you need.

Another great parrot drone accessories idea is to purchase some Parrot Drone receivers and goggles. This will give you a lot more freedom to fly your mini quad without having to worry about bad weather conditions, too low of a battery, or not enough power from your home charging system. This will also allow you to get up close and personal with your birds without having to worry about obstructions that could be in the way.

Set Of Various Accessories

One popular set of parrot ar drone accessories that you can purchase without a problem is a set of a handheld radio transmitter and receiver sets. These items are designed especially so you can use them to control your toys from the comfort of your own home. They come with two small antenna pieces that you connect to your mobile phone as well as a charging cable that you plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter port. Most of these sets have lithium battery packs built into their batteries so they will remain charged long enough to keep your little flyers flying well. Some of these transmitters/receivers even have remote controls so you can stay right in the middle of nowhere and still control your archers.

Parrot Bebop 2

Another of the best parrot drone accessories that you can get for your pet is the parrot bebop 2 for the flight simulator. This item is perfect for those who have not yet gotten the hang of flying a real parrot and it comes complete with all of the necessary controls so you can start flying your pet like a professional. The controls on this item are specially designed for beginners because it includes an inertial control so you do not have to continuously move your unit while your pet flies around. You simply put your finger on the trigger and it will emulate a real cocking movement just like you would if you were able to fly a parrot in real life. This product also includes a battery life that lasts up to 5 hours, so you can get hours of fun in the air before you need to recharge it.


If you are looking for a more powerful accessory, you can always go with the rechargeable batteries that come included in most of the Parrot Drone Accessories. These batteries should last up to five hours before you will need to change them. They usually come with a rechargeable stick so you do not have to worry about changing your batteries or remembering to charge them when they are empty. The rechargeable batteries are also very durable, which means that you do not have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. All you have to do is plug it in and let it charge up for itself.

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