Phantom Drone Has A Competitor

Phantom Drone Has A Competitor

Phantom drone from DJI has been a market leader in its segment for a long time. However, now we have a strong contender that can actually change the drone experience. And the best part is, it won’t be burning through your budget. But before we move forward, let’s find out the things that made drones popular, and what bothered us over the years. We will certainly be going over the pros and cons of the Phantom as well.

What Made DJI Phantom Drone Popular?

Phantom Drone Has A Competitor
Phantom Drone Has A Competitor

DJI has been one of the stalwarts in the drone segment. Its products are some of the most advanced ones in the market. When it comes to professional drones, most professionals love to work with the DJI drones. But, what makes it so different from others? Here’s what really works.

The quality of drones is always top-notch. You will hardly find any point to complain about, be it design or built quality. The drones are extremely sturdy and beautifully crafted. They have their fashion statement some might even say!

Ease of usage is another major factor. DJI Phantom is one of the most advanced drones from DJI and yet you will find it extremely easy to navigate and use. Most of the drones are fitted with intelligent sensors, especially the ones that prevent the drones from colliding. You will find it really easy to fly, even if this is your first drone flying experience.

The camera quality is given special importance at all times, and you will at least find a semi-professional camera that will give you spectacular images and videos.

But, even with the DJI Phantom, not everything is perfect.

Cons Of DJI Phantom

One of the major drawbacks has been the price. The DJI Phantom is costly. It isn’t something you can just go and buy without planning beforehand. It is more or less the same story with every DJI drone. The price remains a concern for consumers.

Even with high cost, the DJI Phantom has a flight time of 30 minutes. Now, this can be enough for many. But, if you are on a day-long trip, you will wish to have some more juice packed under its hood.

Now we have a competitor that can compete with the Phantom drone as well.

Walkera 4G LTE QL-1200

The Walkera 4G LTE QL-1200 has given the DJI Phantom strong competition in many segments. This is one of the most amazing professional drones I have come across in a long time and it certainly beats many in the competition.


  • It is powered by petrol and electric, giving it an extensive flight time and making it the perfect companion on day-long trips. You will simply need to juice it up and you don’t even need an electric charger for that.
  • The drone comes with a superior camera that offers professional-level photography.
  • It has a payload-carrying capacity of 5.5kg that should serve multiple purposes, including mounting a great camera on it.
  • Extremely easy and stabilized operation which means that you get the best shot always without much effort.
  • Intelligent sensors prevent it from colliding.
  • 1.5km remote range gives you great control from a long distance.
  • 4G LTE connectivity allows real-time streaming without a glitch.

This drone is fast becoming the favorite among users. Check it out now.

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