Review Of Phantom 3: Is It Worth Buying?

The Things You Must Know Before You Buy A Drone For Drone Racing

Phantom 3 is a wonderful part of the drone family. In fact, it is considered to be the perfect drone for beginners who have just developed an interest in these drones. Now the question is whether you should buy it or not? However, as per user reviews, the drone is one of the best selling ones. Moreover, it is easy to operate which adds to its selling point for its users. Moreover, the Phantom 3 drone is definitely hard to beat when it comes to good drones.

Review Of Phantom 3

Let us have a look at the user as well as expert reviews of Phantom 3. These reviews will definitely assist you in making a decision regarding the worth of phantom 3. After all, it is among the most bought drone model in the market.

Review Of Phantom 3: Is It Worth Buying?
Review Of Phantom 3: Is It Worth Buying?


  • The best aspect of said drone is that it comes with a ready-to-fly quadcopter. Moreover, it also comes along with an inbuilt camera which possesses a high resolution. Also, the drone also comes with perfectly intelligent flight modes. The camera has a range of 1.2 miles while its competitors enjoy a range of only 500 meters.
  • The drone has a flight time of about 25 minutes while the competitors have a flight time of 12 to 20 minutes.
  • Moreover, the drone comes with features such as it can easily return home, has perfect flight paths, and GPS. While the competitors have only GPS to offer to the users.


Review Of Phantom 3: Is It Worth Buying?
Review Of Phantom 3: Is It Worth Buying
  • A major issue with Phantom 3 is that due to the absence of HDMI output on the drone’s controller, it cannot broadcast any kind of live video.
  • Moreover, the drone does not offer any kind of safety from collision with any object or thing.
  • In addition, the drone’s camera can only record the front view and cannot be rotated in all the directions. This is a major negative aspect of the said model which is easily available in many other professional drone models.
  • Some users find the prices of this drone on a higher side as compared to the features it provides. Moreover, there are many low priced drone models available in the market as well.


Overall, Phantom 3 is definitely one of the best drones available readily in the market. In fact, as per experts, it will definitely remain the king of drones designed especially for the beginners. The drone model comes with refined software, upgraded camera, stable feature set, and perfect battery life.  The popularity of the drone is on a rising note and many users are willing to buy the particular drone. Moreover, the drone is definitely the most sought after model due to its various features. Though there are some negative aspects attached to it as well such as high prices still it is one of the best. Moreover, its selling point is its 4K resolution camera which can capture any kind of fabulous video. So, all the best for drone shopping!

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