Spark Drone Accessories To Improve Its Functionalities

Spark Drone Accessories

In the drone segment of DJI, DJI Spark was the new feather when it first came into the market in May 2017. It might be a little machine, but it still packs many fun features than the big, heavy-built specs. And it seems that with the Spark, you can actually play mind tricks. The reality is that by using its object detection capacity and front camera, you can control it with hand gestures. When the Spark drone accessories accompany it, it becomes the best friend for photographers in a small package. Though the size of the drone is small, it can still combat some strong winds.

As the drone comes with a 12MP camera, you can snap some pretty cool aerial photographs with it. However, the camera captures only a 1080p video even after possessing a 4K sensor. Still, when it is equipped with the dedicated Spark drone accessories, it will present you with some of the nicest shots of all time.

Spark Drone Accessories: Remote Control

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You are probably wondering that having the remote controls of all drones are standard. So why would you need an extra remote control? The reality is, you can fly Spark with a mobile app, making the remote an optional tool. Therefore, if you want to use the remote control, you must get it in a combo package or individually. DJI Spark remote control is almost similar to the DJI Mavic Pro remote. However, it doesn’t have an informative built-in display like the Pro remote. With this remote, you will experience convenient control over some of the flying features. Of course, the flying experience of your drone will be superior with the remote control. And your operational distance also expands.


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When it comes to propellers, you must have stock of some original, high-quality Spark propellers. As in DJI Spark, there’s only one default option; you have to get some set. However, you will understand when you have to replace the old propellers for the new ones. Either the propellers are in perfect condition or broken. Therefore, you won’t have any room in between. So, it is a wise decision to grab the right replacement propellers.

Spark Drone Accessories: Prop Guards

In case you are flying your drone indoors or in a high-risk environment, you must get the prop guards. After all, you won’t see the propellers to get any major damage while your drone is high up in the air. That’s why get yourself the DJI propeller guards. You just have to clip on the guards to the propellers to keep them safe to some extent.

Mobile Power Station

You can charge your Spark via USB, and there’s also an additional power option. DJI has come up with the Spark Portable Charging station for the flying “small wonder”. It is a slick tool that incorporates a charger, a case along with an external USB option for one device. You can charge the Spark battery almost three times when the power station has a full charge.

Spark Drone Accessories: Mobile Power Bank

If you are buying the Spark alone, you will get the DJI single port USB adapter. However, with the purchase of Fly More combo, the power adapter is removed from the combo. In such a case, you get the multi-battery charger adapter. But still, you may want to get some more power back up to fly the drone for some more time. You can purchase the Spark battery charging hub.

Sun Shade

Sunshades are originally developed for DJI Mavic Pros. However, you can use the same sun shades with DJI Spark as the controller has similarities. This sunshade is a simple folding half box. It provides your mobile screen some shade while you fly your drone on bright daylight. So, you get to explore the area on your mobile screen clearly and take some quick snap too.

Landing Gear

Every one of us who has used a drone knows how difficult it becomes to land a drone. As Spark is short in height, unlike other drones, it’s propellers can surely hit the ground, unlike the other drones. So, it is a clever idea to use a landing pad or a gear for launching the short drone. When you have the right landing gear for the Spark, the tension of flying the drone reduces to manifold. After all, it is the time to explore the view from above instead of worrying.

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