Star Trek Universe Explanation- Borg Drone Types

Borg Drone Types

Consider yourself a trekker? Are you interested in Borg Drone & Borg drone types? You’re looking in the right place. A Borg drone is considered to be an assimilated individual consists of Borg technology. These Borg drones are capable enough to assimilate other life forms with the help of their sensors. This Borg drone lack any sense of individuality, and their existence functionality depends on collectivity. In this very article, we will discuss Borg Drone types and what their same purpose in the Star Trek universe is.

Borg Drone Types

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There are different Borg Drone types; each of them has another significance in this multiverse universe. This type depends on the functionality of the Borg drone.


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These Borg Drone types are known as a worker. They are the most common form of Borg, and they perform significant works on their vessels. They mostly assimilate the process of making lifeforms—the shops mostly related to drone enchantments.


Transportation Borg is specifically for transporting objects & cargo; this Borg Drone type assimilates lifeforms from one place to another. Like labor Borg drones, they are also given drone enchantments as equipment.


Maintenance drones are mainly for repairing and maintaining purposes. This Borg Drone type mostly uses drone enchantments like the other one. But this drone has an extra mechanical arm, which comes in handy for repairing drive, and this arm also acts as body armor during any hostile condition.


Tactics drones are for combat purposes. They are most needed when there is the requirement of massive force, which will assimilate all the resistant individuals out there. Besides earlier mentioned standard technologies, this Borg Drone type has a destructive arm and an armature that emit a high-frequency beam of light.


Medical repair drones’ mission is to repair all the damaged drones, and other than this, Borg Drone types help heal the different biological species. Like another drone, this Borg drone also has the same standard enchantments, but this drone has a mechanical arm that acts as light armor.

Heavy Tactical

These Borg Drone types are quite advance than the usual one. This drone has a use for only those assault mission, which is quite challenging to win. This drone has a powerful weapon that can fire on multiple targets in a single shot.


This is the unique Borg Drone type. This Borg is considered queen Borg, and one can easily distinguish this Borg because of its impressive head figure. In this franchise, this kind of head figure is mostly for “leader.”


In this very article, we described Borg drone & Borg Drone types in the original story. Borg someday was to be a species of insects. These species have the hive mentality, which carries out the order of their superior. This Borg drone lacks a sense of individuality, and their very existence is for carrying out relentlessly order for their superior.

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