The Most Military Uses For Drones

drones military uses

The United States of America is the only government that has released a statement regarding its uses of drones. In the past, there was much debate concerning whether or not this form of warfare is being conducted in accordance with the law. As of now, the United States has not claimed any of its drone attacks as being unlawful. Its only policy towards using these remotely piloted vehicles for military purposes is that they can only be used within the guidelines outlined by the United States government.

The United States is not the only government that utilizes drones for military purposes. They are also being used by countries like Pakistan and the United Kingdom to fight against terrorists. However, there is still some uncertainty regarding the ethical implications of such a use. So, what are the drone’s military uses?

Important Uses

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First off, drones have become an important part of the war against terror. The American president, Mr. George W. Bush, used these aircraft to take out members of Al Qaeda. This action resulted in more deaths and wounded than the initial attack on the towers. This shows just how effective these unmanned aerial vehicles can be.

This brings up the issue of how the United States government defines the term “unauthorized drone use.” On one hand, it may be okay to attack these groups if they are part of international terrorism. On the other hand, there is a huge difference between attacking an individual suspected of committing a crime and using a robotic killing machine to do so. So, is the American government taking advantage of the mentality behind these unmanned aerial vehicles? Could the government to use such a weapon against domestic citizens without any sort of remorse?

Self Defense Weapon

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The United States has one of the most sophisticated drone fleets in the world. As such, it is not difficult to launch a strike against a drone. However, many countries have made it clear that they do not want their territory invaded by drones. That has forced the United States to use self-defense drones against enemy drones. These are weapons used to shoot down an enemy drone once it has crossed into the targeted country’s borders.

The United States military also uses drones for a variety of other military uses. Troops use them to scout out areas. They may use them to scout out a location prior to sending in troops. They may use one to shoot down incoming mortar rounds or other firing elements.

The military uses drones for more than just surveillance. A British company has designed a machine that is capable of retrieving people from remote locations using sonar. If a rescue team needs to find a person alive in a rubble pile, they would send a drone into the area using an ultra long range sonar device. The drone would locate the person using its mapping system and then be able to return them safely. This is only one example of the uses of drones, but it illustrates just how versatile this amazing technology is.

Greater Capability

Drones have truly transformed our ability to work together in a coordinated manner. As technology increases, we will see these devices become ever more prevalent in our daily lives. If you would like to see what a drone is capable of doing first hand, there are several websites that have video of these amazing machines in action. You can use the videos to learn more about the technology and hopefully get inspired to get one of your own.

While the United States military is the primary user of drones, other countries have used them as well. China for instance, has claimed that it uses drones in warfare, although there is very little evidence to support this claim. The United Nations has even stated that they do not know of any instance in which drones have been used in combat. All of this lends to one of the main questions of drones: do they kill people with them? The short answer is yes.

While there is no formal definition on the use of a drone, it stands to reason that they are most often used in combat by the military for surveillance purposes. They may also be used to monitor traffic at airports, mines, pipelines, or major construction projects. In these instances, the person operating the drone will need to be licensed by the military or state in which they are conducting the operation. The United Nations even stated that they would investigate any use of drone warfare if they were to occur. In addition, the United States Air Force has been said to carry out operations using armed drones without the permission of other states, which could constitute war.


Drones may also be used for military medical applications. Remotely piloted planes are capable of transporting sick or injured people to hospitals. They can also transport troops and wounded soldiers from one location to another. All military uses of a drone however, make very clear that they are meant for combat purposes only.

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