Top Duskers Drone Types That You Must Know About

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In Duskers, drones are not autonomous which means that the player has to control the drones to make them work. You need to work on the drones so that you can use their power to the fullest. The drones that you use in the game can be controlled through the numpad or you can do the same through the console as well. You start the game with 3 drones but you can search for more while you play the game. There are 4 drones that you can take with you while you go on a mission so you must remember that while you are playing the game. 

You can name the drones and also customize them according to your own requirements. There are many upgrades that you will find so that you can increase the power of your drone. There are many duskers drone types that you will find and these dukers drone types have different functions that you must know about.

Security Drones

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These are the drones that are also known as patrol drones in the game and these play an important part in the game. The drones are not a big threat and you can dodge them with ease. This is the drone that stops in the middle of the room and rotates so that it can know about any drones that are nearby. You can easily identify his drone by the static noise cues that it makes. Although it is not a big threat yet you need to be careful as it can become an issue. 

Disabled Drone


This is the drone that you cannot use and you have to tow it back to the ship so that you can repair it and use it in the future. It is important that you protect the drone and tow it back so that it becomes easy for you to use it again after you are done with the repairs and everything that it needs. You have to ensure that the health of the drone is at maximum so that you can use it against the opponent and make the most of it. So get your diabled drone back and nurse it back to health so that you can get the most out of it in the game. 

Functional Drone

This is the drone that you can use in the game and it is the one that will help you survive when you go on a mission. The drone works well and you can use it whenever you feel that you have a requirement for a drone. This drone has good health and you can make it better by providing some good upgrades to the drone.


These are the duskers drone types that you need to know about and these drone types will leave you wanting more. The game is exciting and there are so many turns and twists in the game that it will be hard for you to catch up. One of the things about this game is that it is about survival rather than winning so get ready to play.

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