Two Types Of Civilian Drones For Rc Flight Racing

types of civilian drones

The first two major types of civilian Drones are the remote piloted (RPA) and the ground control type. RPA stands for remote piloted autonomous, while GCS means ground control. The term “remote” in regards to these types of drones is referring to the fact that they can move around and fly off of their own power and that they will not need any human intervention in regards to where and when they fly. They can go as far away as the distance between the United States and Russia.

Armed Aerial Vehicle


The next two major types of civilian Drones are the final generation of the RC model and the armed aerial vehicle. The first type is the final-generation remote controlled or the fan. These drones use an autopilot program to fly and they are able to stay in the air for long periods of time and they are able to return to earth unassisted. A faa is a great example of how advanced Drones are becoming. They are capable of flying longer distances and they can stay in the air for longer periods of time without human intervention.

The next two types of civilian Drones that are on the block include the mini-micro and the multi-rotors. The mini-micro is smaller and about the size of a smart phone. This is the ideal size for a small drone because it is small enough to be carried by a person walking or running. On the other hand, the multi-rotors are much larger and have more propellers on them.

Powerful Multi-rotors


There are a lot of people that would prefer the larger and more powerful multi-rotors because of the increased maneuverability. The maneuverability is necessary so that smaller civilian drones can safely be placed into areas that might be too risky to send helicopters in. When the area is safe enough to allow the operation of the larger UAVs then that area can be used as a field for training. It also allows for the operation of the UAVs closer to the people that will be operating them.

Different Types Of Applications Available

Since the future of civilian drones is so bright there are a lot of different types of applications for them. The first application that most people think of is hobbyist drone racing. There are many people who purchase expensive and complicated remote controlled planes and then use them for racing across the virtual landscapes. They will attach their radio transmitters to the planes and fly them through the landscapes that they have chosen. Many hobbyists have even been known to race across the United States with their RC planes.

Final Words

Although the concept of using civilian drones for RC flight racing has not taken off quite yet, this hobby does offer a great deal of excitement for people who love the excitement of flying. In the near future, it is very likely that the two types of civilian drones that will be introduced will be interchangeable. Imagine the exhilaration of being able to fly your own personal dragonfly, and then go out and race it against other dragonflies in your local area!

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