Typhoon Drone Accessories for a better drone experience

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Typhoon Drones are one the trendiest gadgets these days. From kids to adults everybody enjoys them. But it is very important for the long life of your typhoon drone that you have some accessories attached to your drone. A list of such accessories is given below.

Transport Case 

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With the vehicle case for the H520/Typhoon H Plus, your hardware is ensured in any event, when voyaging. The tough streetcar case offers adequate room for the whole H520 gear and for different extras. The uniquely designed froth trim and the residue-tight and waterproof material guarantee that your gear remains careful under all conditions. The case can be bolted with a lock and furnished with rubberized handles. Caring your drone in hand or in a regular bag is not at all recommended as it can hamper the drone and the chances of damage are also more as compared to the case in which the chance of damage is almost nil as it specially made for this purpose. 

ST16S Multi-Charger 

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The ST16S Multi-Charger permits you to effectively and advantageously charge your ST16S batteries without losing time to fly. Up until this point, while charging your batteries, you needed to utilize the ST16S’ direct charging port – along these lines the controller was not operational during the charging cycle. The ST16S Multi-Charger offers three charging associations, which are stacked sequentially individually. With its minimized size and little weight of just 161 g, the charger rapidly discovers a spot in your pocket and can be taken anyplace. 

DY5 Dual Charger 

With the DY5 double charger, you can rapidly and effectively charge two batteries simultaneously. Addition the batteries into the pre-assembled battery compartments and the charger will begin to charge your batteries consequently. The DY5 is furnished with two separate shading screens which show charge time, cell voltage, and ongoing battery limit. The advantageous „storage” work readies your battery cells for ideal stockpiling conditions. Particularly accommodating in the event that you would prefer not to utilize your battery for quite a while. 

FoxFury Rugo R1S Lighting System 

Not every place your drone travels is blessed with beautiful natural light. The Rugo R1S Drone Light System is intended for use with Typhoon Drones. Every framework accompanies (2) Rugo™ R1S lights and a bunch of robot mounts. Each light has a Quick Swap® Power Pack with Strobe that meets FAA guidelines for UAV night flight and against crash lighting. 

The R1S Drone Light Systems are best for search, examination, planning, and evaluations. The R1S puts out up to 700 lumens and has an operational bar distance of up to 100 ft (30 m).


With the help of drones, you can take your creativity to next level. Don’t let the low battery of your drone stop you in any way and get yourself the mentioned typhoon drone accessories.

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