Understanding Commercial Uses For UAVs

commercial drone uses

There are many commercial uses for drones. They can be used to inspect the property, for delivery, monitoring construction, monitoring plant productivity and helping with weather predictions. In fact they have already been used for some of these things. A company in New Zealand has been using them in a big way to inspect and survey their ocean sites. Here’s a closer look at how they operate and what you can expect in the future.

When inspecting marine vessels, it’s important to have access to the water at all times. The last thing a captain wants is a faulty navigation system that can’t point them in the right direction. Using one of these ships for this purpose isn’t easy though. They are large and aircraft can’t be fitted for them.

Another potential application is a drone helicopter. These have already been used by the military as a low altitude surveillance tool. Once released they can circle above and pick up on radar signature of any target. They can also be used for more routine jobs too. If a company needs to monitor a construction site or work site, they can be fitted with a drone to do the job.

Construction Companies Use It For Basic Surveys

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Construction companies use them to do basic surveys and find out the extent of a site before committing to a big piece of land. The information gathered can save them a lot of money later on. With such a compact, versatile and powerful camera attached to a drone, it’s a no brainer that they are becoming a mainstay of construction use.

The UAV market is huge and growing rapidly. As we’ve seen, there is no limit to the uses that can be achieved with a tiny aircraft and a remote control. This same principle applies to the drone industry as well. There are commercial applications for everything from data collection and remote monitoring to aerial photography and remote operation. In fact the possibilities with the smaller UAV and their clever technology is growing at an exponential rate.

Investing In This New Technology Will Help Prevent Illegal Fishing

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Many countries are investing in this new technology to help prevent illegal fishing. It can detect illegal vessels and shorelines making sure that measures are taken to stop the illegal vessels. This allows law abiding citizens to enjoy their seas and rivers without having to spend their own lives protecting them. Companies that use UAVs for this type of surveillance or others are able to save a lot of money on their operations. They can concentrate their efforts on providing good customer service to their clients.

The list of commercial uses for the drone is just getting bigger. There is even the possibility that one day a drone could be so advanced that it could pick out fire and send an email or text message to the pilot who is thousands of miles away. That’s pretty bold stuff. Drones are moving into all sorts of industries too. Some companies are using them to deliver parcels and assemble parts. They are even being used to inspect planes and boats at sea.

Bottom Line

All these different commercial uses are making the United States Government realizes that they have to come up with a better way to protect American citizens from these remote, aerial spy tools. As more industries utilize UAVs, it is important to come up with guidelines for safe operation of the machines. Without clear guidelines flying this type of aircraft could pose a serious risk to the general public. If you are not planning to start using a drone commercially then make sure you are well familiar with its operation before you fly it. You should also have some form of local drone regulation in place so that if anyone does not follow the rules you can make them pay up!

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