Ventless Fly Racing Helmets For Optimum Ventilation

fly racing

With origins dating back to the 1800s when bicycles and their associated wheels became popular, there has been a constant push to create faster and more maneuverable vehicles. One such breakthrough was in the area of aviation where flight was made possible. The first attempts to make a plane fly were met with severe limitations and difficulty, but with continual attempts, the flight was finally mastered. Today fly racing is recognized as a competitive sport that can provide many hours of exciting fun. There are several organizations that offer training and discipline for those interested in taking their flying skills to the next level.

When it comes to gear for racewear, there are several options that are offered by the major manufacturers. Danskin apparel and Smiths are two of the most popular names in offering products for racers of all levels. Both brands offer a variety of racewear products such as raceway for BMX style bike races and dirt street bike events, but they also offer products for more demanding extreme sports like inline skydiving and bungee jumping. DOT approved goggles and helmets are a must to participate in these kinds of sports and any serious racer should stock up on these durable stretch hats and visors. These will keep the sun off your face while you are blasting down the track or racing on the skies.

Comfortable Racing Shoes

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Other accessories include comfortable racing shoes and other clothing like tank tops and shorts. Many brands now offer jerseys and hoodies in the same colors and styles as their biking and racing apparel while many others offer comfortable racing pants and bibs that are great for long runs and consistent hydration. Fly Racing requires the wearer to be in top form from the time they get out of the hospital through the time they are racing. Comfort is a priority in all kinds of sports and keeping cool in the heat of the summer heat is essential.

For this reason, many companies have designed and created the Fly Racing Vest to meet the needs of the racer. The vest features an extra large fly opening with three rows of Velcroed panel that adjust to your individual body measurements for a custom fit. The front of the vest is fully adjustable and the waist is zippered for an easy fit and quick adjustments. The front pockets can hold keys or other valuables and there are two bottle holders located on each side of the fly opening for easy access and secure storage. The back pocket has two bottle pockets and both feature non-slip padding.

Mesh Helmet Covers

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Other optional accessories include mesh helmet covers, non-slip grip gloves and mesh wrist straps. The mesh helmet covers are washable and the grip gloves have easy goggle tension adjustment and Velcro fastener closures. The mesh wrist straps are made with comfortable Velcro material and they feature two-way hook and loop closures to allow for ease of installation and flexibility. All of the optional accessories are made of high quality fabrics that will last for years.

Fly Racing Vest is constructed of high quality, durable nylon, polyester and cotton blend fabrics that will last for years. They also feature Dura Throat technology that makes them easy to put on and remove. The fabric used in the construction of the vest is designed specifically for running and fly racing. This enables the rider to have a more secure fit and eliminate unwanted shifting even after long periods of riding. The vest is designed with a waist belt for stability and support and the fly racing textile riding shoes are manufactured with a sturdy sole to withstand wear and tear.

The Removable Velcro Strap

The removable Velcro strap ensures a firm and secure fit and easy adjustment. The face mask, mouth guard and chin strap are made of non-slip silicone materials. The goggle incorporates a wide headband for increased comfort and eliminates chafing.

The removable ventilation chamber allows for easy air flow through the mask. The helmet includes an impact absorbing post to minimize head injury in the event of an accident. It also includes built-in UV and HEPA filters to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Final Words

The helmet incorporates side and rear vents for increased airflow and a three degree harness system helps maintain a tight fit. The helmet incorporates dual slip-on intakes and exhaust vents that help reduce wind noise while improving air flow through the helmet. The helmet also has a fully adjustable dual chin strap that allows the rider to customize its fit for an optimal fit. The helmet is equipped with full face mask ventilation channels that allow for maximum airflow through the face mask.

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