What Are Medium Drones In Eve Online

eve medium drone types

However, I want to talk about only the most commonly used ones, and provide you with the information you need to know when picking a skill point. To get more specific, I want to give you the information you need to get the most out of your skill points, so you can choose the best paths for your character and what they do. By the time you’re done reading this, I hope you’ll have a better idea of which ones are best for you.

Energy Drones And Hull Drones

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The first two types, Energy Drones and Hull drones, fall under the medium category. Energy Drones is great for providing boosts to all your ship’s stats, which is the purpose of their existence. However, their damage output and optimal range are both very limited, making them poor choices for PvP.

Hull drones, on the other hand, are excellent at improving a ship’s armor and other stats, while also increasing its propulsion. This makes them good choices for PvP, where faster ships that can slice through the opposition can be the difference between victory and defeat. They have superior range and the ability to hit multiple targets at once, as well as better damage output. Their drawback, however, is their poor range and short optimal range, and inability to boost defense.

Sensor Drone Types

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Next on the list is Sensor Drone types. Sensor drone types are essentially sensor gathers information about the environment. The faster it gathers this information and distributes it, the more accurate and useful its data will be. As an example, a drone that gathers data on gases would be perfect for a Mining ship, which needs to gather gas clouds and extract their valuable minerals. The Eve Online Science and Technology Museum have a whole gallery of pictures featuring various drone types, including some that specialize in combat.

Pirate drones are fast, with a much longer range than any other class of drone. However, their main weakness is their lack of armor or shields. However, their main strength lies in their speed, allowing them to quickly move from one place to another. One way to counter this is to overload their engines with power cells, allowing them to move faster even without boosting their shields. Some Pirates, such as the Blood Elves, use a cloaking device to make themselves appear as though they have a large amount of shields.

Boarding Drones.

Finally, let’s discuss boarding drones. These are used mainly by larger ships, such as dreadnoughts and capital ships. They are used to quickly take out smaller ships, often with little to no resistance. They have excellent weapons, with boarding lasers being particularly deadly against smaller ships. These types of drones are ideal for combatting enemy vessels that cannot effectively fight back against you. boarding drones increase ships chances of success dramatically, especially when fighting at point blank range.

Bottom Lines

So there you have it. We discussed the three main drone types and looked at how they can be used to either control opponents directly, or to rapidly push an opponent backwards, so that they cannot fight back. Now that you know the three main types of combat drones, hopefully you will be able to figure out the best way for yourself to use them! Good luck and enjoy!

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