What Are The 3 Tau Drone Models

tau drone types

Tau Drone is one of the three new Tau Empire Drone types introduced in an Age of War II. It was one of the original Tau Drone models, but the Tau race has become a part of the Empire of Man and was not represented in the Tau Drone models. The Empire of Man used its drones to fight against the Chaos forces and the Tau to preserve their existence on the Emperor’s peacekeeping mission. In the end, the Tau Drone models were added by the Emperor to ensure that the Tau would be able to maintain its existence on Terra for many centuries to come.

What Are The Three Types Of Tau Drone?

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The Tau Drone types come in three main types: Stalker, the Warrior, and the Warlord. Each one of these types has different abilities as well as other looks. These three types of Tau Drone are considered the best versions, and therefore they were the ones the Tau players wanted. The three Tau Drone types are considered to be the best because of their abilities and each type’s uniqueness.

Stalker Drone

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The first of the three Tau Drone types is the Stalker Drone. This Tau Drone is capable of dealing with severe damage over a short period. They are also capable of dealing damage to the structures in a battle and even the enemy troops. They can do this due to their ability to get into position quickly, which makes them able to shoot and move quickly to target their targets. Their attacks are also very accurate and fast to deal with damage to the enemy troops and other structures in a short time.

Warrior Drone

The second of the three Tau Drone types is the Warrior Drone. These are also very durable and versatile. They have an excellent defense and an excellent offense. They can also use their mobility and speed to get into the best position possible to attack the enemy units effectively. This makes the Warrior a handy unit to use when you want to destroy the enemy and buildings.


The last of the three Tau Drone types is the Warlord. These are very powerful units as they can deal with massive amounts of damage in a very short period. They are also too mobile and strong enough to withstand multiple enemy attacks on its base.

These three Tau Drone models are unique, and they can perform very well in battles against the enemy. All of them can get into the best position possible and deal great amounts of damage with their abilities. The three different versions of the Tau Drone can handle different situations very well, and each one of them can excel in different situations. Each of these Tau Drone models is very adaptable, and they can perform well in various battle situations.

Final Words

The Tau Empire Drone models are unique in design and created to be able to withstand different situations. They are the best ones to use and to fight against the enemy. They are the best models, and therefore they are considered the best in combat and are considered the best to use in different situations.

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