What Are The Different Borg Drone Types

Borg Drone Types

A Borg Drone is basically an assimilated being in the Borg Collective. These entities are enhanced by the use of assimilated Borg technology, stripping away any personal identity and linking them into the collective hive mind. The Borg Queen controls the entire Collective, but this does not include drones.

Although the Queen commands the entire Collective through a single voice, each drone has its own personality and individuality. Each drone, unlike the Queen, is independent and can act as it pleases; a drone may be assimilated for its ability to assimilate or to serve as a biological weapon.


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Although there are many different Borg drone types, they all work together. These are known as the Borg Collective. All Borg drones have a common mission; to assimilate other species into the Collective. Once assimilated, a drone can work independently or with the assistance of another drone and work towards a common goal.

All drones have the same primary function, assimilating other species into the Collective. It is through this act that the species and the individual are separated and the individual is absorbed into the Collective. This act is called transference.

Functions Of Borg Drone Types

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The Borg assimilates an individual, their entire existence is absorbed into the Borg Collective. A drone’s mind is altered and they retain some personality traits. This allows a drone to work independently once assimilated and still retain some individuality; this also gives them a chance to develop their own thoughts and actions.

A drone that assimilates humans is known as an assimilated human. A drone that assimilates assimilated creatures such as Vulcans, Ferengi, and Breen are also assimilated into the Collective, but are much less likely to survive in the Borg.

Finding Right

If you were assimilated by a Borg drone and found yourself in the Borg ship, there are a few things that you should be aware of. Most notably, you have lost most of your memory and will be forced to learn everything again. You will be placed in a position called the Replicator Field.


You will have to undergo a number of modifications, such as the fact that your individuality has been stripped from your body and then restored to a state called the assimilated human. you will be able to interact with others. however, you will be unable to assimilate anything, and will be made to follow the Collective protocol.

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