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As the United States and Australia launch their own drone program, many are beginning to ask if drones are more profitable. While a one-off sale to a private party may be more profitable initially, the longer term is where a drone’s use is most profitable. In fact, studies have shown that there will be an increase in drone sales as the program continues to expand. The question then becomes, does the United States government’s program lead to more sales?

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One answer lies in the government’s goal to sell these drones to businesses. The U.S. government has approved programs for companies in Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico to buy and operate small units to locate high risk or inaccessible locations and deliver relief using drones. While it is still not clear if the sale of drones to companies will increase profits, it is clear that the government recognizes that it needs to sell these systems and is trying to do that as well. If a company can make money off of collecting data on drone use, then that company stands to make a lot of money by selling the information to the government.

For the time being, however, the government is trying to focus on how it will get the information to the public. Right now, they are attempting to set up an internet site that will act as a sort of clearing house between the general public and the federal government. However, this may not take off as planned and may prove to be ineffective.

Drones Uses More Profitable Features

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If the United States does not want to sell its drones to the general market, it will have to establish a way for consumers to purchase them. The most likely way for consumers to buy a drone is by purchasing one through the government’s online store. The store will allow consumers to log on, make a selection, and pay for their drone. The payment will likely be processed via a credit card or other online transaction.

A second way that drone use is more profitable is through the use of third party programs. These programs exist in order to analyze the efficacy of drone use. These programs also offer advice to the government about how best to use their drones for public safety and security. They offer pieces of advice such as the use of cameras with very clear lenses that can provide a more clear picture of any area that is being surveyed.

Programs To Sell More Drones

The use of such programs might be desirable for both the government and the private sector. The government would save a tremendous amount of money by not having to buy drone leasing and repair costs. They also might be able to attract new business to help with the program. In turn, these companies would also help keep prices low for the consumer since they are getting a better deal than they would from a retail store.

Private companies can sell their drone use to the government. There are actually private companies that do just this with the United States Army. These companies sell surveillance equipment that is specifically designed to fit the needs of the military. They are also able to sell parts for their equipment. This means that the government will have no problem keeping its drones flying and operating at all times.

Final Thoughts

All three of these options make drone uses more profitable to the entities that are using them. The consumer gets the most value for their dollar. The military gets the most bang for their buck. The third option benefits the private sector by allowing it to sell useful pieces of equipment to the government and third party companies. Everyone wins! It is no wonder that this type of program is becoming so popular.

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